Let’s Wheelie Dance!

We have recently received a testimonial from one of our client’s wife:-

“Keith has been a dancer from the age of 14, that’s how we met through our dancing. But unfortunately about four years ago he had a stroke, and then was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s so could no longer dance because of memory loss and very poor mobility. CAREGiver, Sharron took him to a wheel chair dancing class at High Green. He came home really happy and hopes to go again with Sharron” Mavis, Wife of Sheffield Client.

After finding out about Keith’s passion for dancing, CAREGiver, Sharron said she has been looking through our What’s On Where (WOW) guide and had found that there was a ‘Wheelchair Dance Session’ at St. Mary’s in High Green. Although, when she first suggested that he should go along, I was a little dubious, as was Keith. However, Sharron said Keith ought to give it a go, saying it could be really beneficial for his morale and that he may enjoy it.

Sharron said: “I wanted to let you know that Keith absolutely loved his first session and cannot wait to go again. He came home really happy and said everyone was very welcoming. He urges anyone who has not tried it, to give it a go!”

“I cannot tell you how enjoyable it is to see Keith dancing in his wheelchair. The sheer joy on his face was so lovely and brought a tear to my eye. The session not only does Keith the world of good, but also Mavis (his wife), who gets so much pleasure from seeing Keith dance again. Like Keith, I would urge anyone who has limited mobility to give it a go...it is absolutely marvellous. Mavis said to me- ‘I feel like I have got my husband back’

We are extremely grateful to one of our special CAREGivers, Sharron who has undoubtedly gone the extra mile to find something which has certainly changed Keith’s life.