How Older People Can Stay Cool in The Summer 

Summer has finally arrived! Gone are the months of cold fingers and numb noses, we can finally remove our scarves and the half a dozen layers of clothing we had on. Summer can be a joyful time of year and due to the warmer weather it can bring a lot more people out into Sheffield. However for some, the hot weather can mean trouble.  Due to their bodies not responding quick enough to changes in temperature, older people in Sheffield are more at risk from heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Further to this the Met office recently released a level 2 health and safety warning due to consecutive days of high temperatures.  

Home Instead Sheffield has developed some helpful tips that can help older people in Sheffield to combat the rising temperatures, and hopefully avoid the heat strokes associated with the rising temperatures.

Drink plenty of fluids- The high temperatures results in your body losing more fluids through sweat. Rehydrating with water even when you aren’t thirsty can ensure that your body remains cool and hydrated. Alcohol and Caffeine can have the adverse effect, so it is best to avoid these.

Keep to the shade; especially between 11am and 3pm- The hottest parts of the day are between 11am and 3pm, So long trips out in the sun are best avoided between this time. If you do have to go out, stick to the shade as much as possible.

Wear light colours- Wear something that is lightweight, thin and also a light colour. Darker colours absorb more heat, making you roast just that little bit more.

Use water to cool yourself down- Taking a cool bath or shower, and even applying a hanky soaked in water to your wrists or neck can cool your body down.

Hats are Good- After all who wants the sun glaring in there face all day. A hat can keep your face shaded from the sun which can help to cool you down.

Cool your house- Keeping curtains shut and windows open can allow cool air in and also stop the sun’s rays from heating up rooms in the house. If all else fails, a quality air conditioning unit or a big and, preferably low noise fan should do the trick!