Halloween Safety Tips For The Elderly And Their Families

Halloween is an event that provides fond childhood memories for most people, including the elderly. However, as they get older and may suffer from Dementia or other physical/mental limitations, Halloween can cause fear or unusual behaviour leading up to Halloween itself. Strangers knocking on the door in the evening is not a safe environment for some elderly who live on their own therefore using Home Instead’s tips, Halloween can be a much safer event for the elderly to enjoy.


Halloween Safety Tips for the Elderly


  • Keep all floors, entry ways and porches free of decorations.
  • Add night lights to hallways, walkways and rooms, and keep well lit
  • Avoid window decorations that block light or view of front entry
  • Spend the evening with them, be available to help answer door, keep them safe.

Don't leave an elderly person with Dementia or physical limitations home alone on Halloween

  • Maybe there are community events they could attend or invite them to your house for the evening
  • Use professional care companies such as Home Instead to keep them safe and provide comfort
  • Help them answer the door and hand out candy if they wish (some still really enjoy Halloween)
  • Be prepared; movies, books, music, crafts are all a good way to ensure your loved one is distracted from what is happening outside while enjoying their evening themselves.
  • Follow dietary instructions; avoid over indulgence of chocolate or sugar.

Remember, Halloween can be a scary time for the elderly, be sensitive to what they can tolerate and do your best to keep them safe and help them enjoy their evening themselves.