Extra Mile Award

A caregivers role is special, They are a breed apart from the rest.

Their commitment and dedication, is constantly put to the test.

They all have special qualities, their kindness knows no end.

To care for someone vulnerable, and treat them as a friend.

There are of course the exceptions, someone who breaks the mould.

And as I continue writing, her attributes will unfold.

The caregiver's name is Kamla, and she goes the extra mile.

Caring for our clients with a ready and willing smile.

 She juggles her workload with ease, making time for family too.

And there simply isn’t anything as a caregiver she cannot do.

She tackles her commitment to training with enthusiasm for all to see.

And she is certainly is enthusiastic, when preparing a client's tea.

Her adaptability is legend, her experience is unique.

She is the type of caregiver, we all will constantly seek.

The challenges her clients' face daily, is forefront in her mind.

And the confidence she gives them, is truly hard to find.

So if you are looking for the extra mile, I am sure that you will see.

That Kamla certainly makes it, no matter how hard it can be.

So we really would like to nominate her and hope she passes the test.

We are sure she stands way out there, as she is simply one of the best.

If our nomination is not successful, then at least we have shared with you.

A caregiver who is amazing and simply brilliant too.

We know we value her greatly and when she reads this she will see.

That she means a lot to everyone, within our company.

Sandra Trout: 23rd May 2012