Client Story: 'Oh I Do Like to be Beside The Seaside' by Janet

Janet and Cheryl in Bridlington
Janet and Cheryl in Bridlington

Well why not! It's summer, despite the bad weather! It was a leap of faith that made me book train tickets to Bridlington back in June. Stewart, my husband, was also persuaded to join us on our trip (we both use electric wheelchairs for getting out and about). 

Thursday 27 June.....

At 8.00am my companion, Cheryl Roberts, arrived bright and early to make sure I didn't forget anything. We set off to catch the train at Chapeltown, got off at Meadowhall, then on to the Bridlington train. We chattered excitedly most of the way. Bridlington station is still festonned with flowers, in tubs, troughs and baskets every where.... it's like a flower show. We soon found our way to the sea front. Wow the SEA!!- it knew I was coming and was on its way out, it has been a few years since I was last here, and there have been a lot of changes.  The number of rides has increased, you can hardly move for them on the "front" on the North bay promanade. It is all brightly painted and noisy as is the tradition with fairs. 

We wandered to the end of the jetty in the harbour and had a picnic- Sarnis & pop. And gave Cheryl a break.  Then off round the harbour. The "Jolly Rodger" is still there ! Unfortunately no sign of "The Yorkshire Belle" though. We watched some seagulls trying to pinch chips from people eating whilst walking along. Some seagulls are very cheeky. Then I did what I do best, I wandered round shops buying souvenirs. Cheryl went into the shops first to see if I can get my chair in and once we are in the shop she passes me things that I can't reach... we work well together.  Stewart calls it "Tat", I don't care I couldn't be happier.

It's lovely just to be out in the fresh air and in a place that brings back so many happy memories. I just wish I could walk along the beach, have a paddle in the sea and collect shells again. Alas that can never be, nevermind. We moved off to the South Bay. It is much quieter there, but still very nice for a wander down the "front" yet all too soon we had to turn back. 

On our way back to the station we bought some "rock" and found a nice cafe,  We went in; Cheryl was "mum" and carried our Fish, Chips, Mushy Peas and a pot of Tea each to the table. It really is the only way to end a lovely day out.  The Cod was large and fantastic, there was simply too much for us to finish off.  We were then off to the station.

Not long after we were all back on the train it started to rain. I couldn't believe it, although it was cloudy it had been lovely and warm all day, with no sign of rain. Once again we chatted all the way home. Off at Meadowhall, and on to Chapeltown where it had obviously been raining, we fortunately seemed to have missed it. Then home once more. Happy but tired, Must have been all that fresh air. What a brilliant day out with Stewart and Cheryl. I will have to get busy planning another "Big Day Out".




Cheryl and Stewart tucking into cod, chips and mushy peas.
Cheryl and Stewart tucking into cod, chips and mushy peas.

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