3 Reasons to Help Your Client Avoid The Hospital

3 Key Reasons to keep your client out of Hospital
3 Key Reasons to keep your client out of Hospital

When an elderly person suffers and injury, or their condition worsens, the hospital can be the safest place for them, however, it doesn’t come without any risks. The harsh reality can be that once someone goes into hospital they may not go home the same, or in some cases, may not go home at all. This is why it's important for the elderly to avoid the hospital where possible.

A situation where hospitalisation can be prevented is where steps could have been taken to manage symptoms or prevent an accident.

Here are three good reasons to help senior avoid the hospital:


1. Hospital Infections – Elderly people may have weakened immune systems due to poor nutrition, medications or for other reasons. This means they are unable to fight common infections such as pneumonia, MRSA, and other bugs. Picking up an infection like this can have life threatening consequences therefore avoiding the hospital prevents this.

2. Full Function isn’t always regained – Seniors may struggle to regain strength in bones and muscles if they have been in a hospital bed for some time. Weak muscles can lead to falls when they come home therefore putting steps in place to prevent trips to the hospital is essential.

3. Routine – Seniors can struggle to get back into a routine, as someone ages, their ability to adapt to change is hindered therefore staying in hospital for a period of time can lead to seniors becoming confused and unable to get back into their daily routines when they’re back home.

Obviously, we aren’t saying the elderly should avoid the hospital at all costs because sometimes it is essential that they seek professional medical help immediately. Seniors should seek professional advice should they be unsure of what to do in a certain situation.

By helping clients understand how they can prevent hospitalisation, it may encourage them to monitor their health more closely and be more compliant with doctor’s orders.

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