Jubilee Celebrations: Looking back

For 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II has been the constant heartbeat of this nation. For many of our clients here at Home Instead Sheffield & Barnsley, the Platinum Jubilee celebrations have brought up a lot of fond memories from the years throughout her reign.

One client in particular has been reminiscing about the Coronation Day, when Princess Elizabeth was crowned Queen on June 2nd 1953. At the time, she was just a young girl at Dartford college, where she and a group of friends set off to find a spot to watch the event from Haymarket, London. Here, they excitedly sat on the path all night in order to stake their spot, "truth be told staying overnight with friends was the best part!".

After a long time of waiting patiently, they eventually heard clapping from down the street, followed by royalty from all over the world, as well as the soon-to-be Queen Elizabeth II herself, who was, "beautiful, waving as she went by in her carriage". Not long after the Queen had passed there was another loud cheer, leaving her and her friends to wonder what other royalty or nobility was to come round the corner - only to realise it was a man employed to clear the horse muck that everyone was cheering for! A memory that, "they still laugh about now".

queen salote

Salote Tupou III (1900-1965), Queen of Tonga (above)

After all these years, however, the one that really stood out the most was the Queen of Tonga, "she was really happy, waving and smiling at us all", capturing how it was, "a surreal experience, as they had just never seen people from other countries or cultures before".