Feeling trapped by your caregiving responsibilities?

Are you struggling to manage your busy life and care responsibilities? We understand the impact this is having and are here to support you.

If this video resonates with you, you are not alone.

Currently, over 5 million individuals provide unpaid care, with minimal government and local authority support. This lack of support leaves caregivers struggling and unaware of available alternatives.

An increasing aging population is one reason why there is growing pressure for family members to take on the role of caregiver. And a recent survey of 2,000 family caregivers in the UK revealed the impact this challenges is having on them:

  • Health and Wellbeing Neglect
    • 88% of caregivers neglect their own health and wellbeing.
  • Mental Health Struggles
    • 65% of caregivers experience mental health issues.
  • Breaking Point
    • 31% of caregivers feel they are at a breaking point.

In addition 86% of family caregivers said they feel guilty about not doing enough for their parents or their children.

We are here to help share the load. This could be as simple as a two hour weekly visit to alleviate loneliness, a respite break or specialist Dementia care.

You can rest assured that your loved ones are in good hands. Our Care Professionals are chosen for their caring nature and receive award winning training. Careful matching ensures that your parent and the Care Professional assigned to them have interests or hobbies in common, which allows relationships to blossom more quickly.

Meet our Care Professionals

Our Care Professionals really are special people. To understand why they love doing what they do and being a part of our supportive team, here’s Rachel’s story, Jan’s story and Lisa’s story.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you and your family, please get in touch.