Meet Care Professional Lisa

Lisa talks about gaining confidence through training, bonding with her clients and gaining a work life balance.

“If I make someone happy, it makes me feel happy inside.”

This is why Lisa loves being a Care Professional.

Lisa is a caring person by nature. During her time as a holistic therapist and cleaner, she’s enjoyed helping people and making them feel good.

“Sometimes I bake a big cake and take a slice to my elderly neighbours. It gives me an excuse to have a chat and brighten up their day,” says Lisa.

Lisa joined Home Instead as a Care Professional in January 2022.

Training and support instil confidence

She admits at first, she was a bit nervous. Even though she’d cared for her Gran, this was different. There were standards to adhere to and the responsibility of medication.

She really wanted to make a great impression and to make the company proud of her.

Lisa need not have worried as the award-winning training every Care Professional receives, before they are allocated their first clients, is recognised as the best within the home care industry.

It doesn’t stop there. The ongoing support either with her peers in a WhatsApp group or a telephone call to the office has provided Lisa with the confidence and reassurance she needed.

“I love it when I have an excuse to go into the office. Everyone is so friendly and supportive. I never feel judged or embarrassed for the questions I ask. When I receive praise from my manager I shine inside and am encouraged to do even better.”

Bonding with clients

The close bonds that Lisa quickly forged with her clients is due to Home Instead’s matching process and the two-hour minimum visits. These two important factors mean Lisa has time to provide personal care for her clients, provide support around the house and still have time to natter about common interests.

“I’ve grown to really love my clients, it’s like visiting my Gran. I hadn’t realised how rewarding it would be.”

Flexibility fits around family life

Lisa has four clients and works around 16 hours a week.

“The flexible hours work perfectly around taking my children to and from school. If one of my children is off sick, a colleague will cover my clients and I’ll do the same for them.”

To anyone considering applying for a Care Professional role, Lisa says, “It’s a pleasure to visit clients in their homes where they are within their familiar surroundings. It really doesn’t feel like work.”
If you’d like to find out about Care Professional opportunities, please contact us.