The Best Care Professionals For Your Care in Poole

Discover how Home Instead Poole uniquely selects and matches Care Professionals with families, ensuring personalised and high-quality care for your loved ones at home.

Selecting the best Care Professionals for you or your Loved Ones

At Home Instead Poole, we recognise the immense trust involved when you choose to invite a Care Professional into your home or a loved one’s care. That’s why we’re committed to a meticulous selection process and a personalised matching system to ensure that our Care Professionals not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Our careful process to building our team

The heart of our service at Home Instead Poole lies in our custom approach to matching Care Professionals with clients. Our recruitment specialist, Marilyn, leads a careful process designed to identify candidates who not only possess essential qualifications but also align with the values central to our mission—empathy, reliability, and a heartfelt dedication to older adult care.

We carefully consider each client’s personality, needs, and preferences to pair them with their regular Care Professional. This thoughtful matching ensures that our care is not only effective but also fosters a meaningful and comforting relationship between each client and their caregiver.

Training excellence and a local touch

Every new member joining our team undergoes our award-winning training program, delivered by our incredible Lisa. These sessions go beyond basic care techniques to cover critical aspects such as medication management and navigating complex conditions like dementia.

Moreover, by incorporating knowledge of local services and resources in Poole to our local office support, we ensure our whole team is well-prepared to connect clients with healthcare professionals, community activities and support, enhancing quality of life.

Training excellence and a local touch

The impact on families and our clients in Poole

For families in Poole, our approach means peace of mind. It means knowing that the Care Professional visiting your loved one’s home is highly trained but has been chosen for their skills, attitude and suitability to your care needs and personality. Our service is about delivering care that adapts to individual needs and consistently supports independence and wellbeing.

Building professional friendships

Our commitment to building lasting relationships is evident as many of our Care Professionals have been with us for years, having a positive impact on the lives of their clients, families and the community of Poole itself.

Choose Home Instead Poole for personalised, thoughtful care at home

Choosing the best Care Professionals is a responsibility we embrace with dedication. Our thorough selection process, rigorous DBS and reference checks as well as personalised client-caregiver matching ensure that our team can provide care with empathy, excellence, and a human touch.

Choose Home Instead Poole for personalised, thoughtful care at home

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