Live-in Care in Poole

We provide live-in care to help people remain living in the comfort of their homes. Our Live-in carers are available around Poole, Nuffield, Bearwood, and surrounding areas.

Live In Care in Poole and our surrounding areas

At Home Instead Poole, we understand the challenges of balancing everyday life while caring for ageing family and friends. Our team and our dedicated local Live-in Care Professionals are available to help your loved ones remain in the comfort of their own homes in Poole, Nuffield, Bearwood, Ferndown, West Parley, Sandbanks, and the surrounding areas with our comprehensive live-in care services.

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Live in care in Poole

Stay living in your own home in Poole

Poole is a beautiful and vibrant area, known for its stunning harbour, sandy beaches at Sandbanks, and green parks. Living in Poole or its neighbouring villages like Ferndown and West Parley means being close to the sea, scenic walks, historic sites, local arts, culture and treasured memories. Maintaining a home in this region allows our clients to continue enjoying the local area and the community they love, supporting quality of life and well-being.

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Stay Living in your own home in Poole

Understanding Live-in Care

What is Live-in Care?

Live-in care is a form of domiciliary or home care that allows individuals to stay in their homes rather than moving to a residential care facility. It involves a Care Professional living in the home to provide continuous, personalised support. This arrangement is ideal for maintaining independence and receiving one-to-one care, covering everything from companionship to personal care and complex health needs.

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What is Live in care

Home Instead Poole’s Live-in Care Services

Our live-in care is designed to be as flexible as you need, providing everything from assistance with daily activities to more specialist care for conditions such as dementia or Parkinson’s. Our approach is person-centred, meaning the care provided is tailored to the individual’s unique needs and circumstances.

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Home Instead Poole Live in Care Services

Highly trained and trustworthy Care Professionals

All our Care Professionals undergo thorough background checks and receive specialist training to prepare them for a variety of care scenarios. We match each Care Professional to your loved one based on personality, interests and care needs, ensuring a compatible and supportive relationship.

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Highly trained Care Professionals

What is included in Live-in care? Comprehensive care at home

Our live-in care services can include:

– Personal care and assistance

– Household chores and maintenance

– Nutrition and hydration management

– Medication management

– Companionship and social interaction

– Specialist care for chronic and terminal conditions

– Pet care assistance, maintaining those important daily routines for both you and your pet

The benefits of choosing Live-In Care with Home Instead Poole

Choosing live-in care from Home Instead Poole means your loved one can remain in their familiar surroundings, surrounded by personal memories and possessions. This setting helps reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation and creates a safe environment that minimises the risk of falls and accidents.

Stay in Your Local Community: Remaining at home keeps your loved one integrated in their local area, maintaining friendships and community ties.

Continuous, Personalised Support: Live-in care provides peace of mind that help is always available, especially in unexpected situations. Our Care Professionals support as much or as little as needed, respecting independence and existing routines, ensuring a gentle presence that enhances life without overwhelming it.

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Benefits of Choosing Live-in Care Home Instead Poole

Our local team in Poole

At Home Instead Poole, our local team is central to delivering exceptional care. Marilyn, our dedicated Live-in Care Manager, oversees all aspects of our live-in care services. Her role ensures that every care plan is perfectly suited to our clients’ needs and can be adapted as those needs change.

Having a local team nearby in Poole, including a Scheduling Manager, Registered Care Manager, Recruitment and Training Team, Care Supervisor, and our father-and-son owners, means we can respond swiftly to any situation. This proximity allows us to regularly check in with our clients and make necessary adjustments to care plans promptly. Whether it’s tweaking services to better meet your needs, or arranging for your Care Professional to accompany you to family gatherings or on holiday, we are equipped to handle it all with ease and efficiency.

Next steps:Have a conversation and arrange a care consultation

If you’re considering live-in care, the next step is to have a conversation with us and then we would look to arrange a care consultation with us. This meeting allows us to understand your specific needs and discuss how our services can be tailored to best support your loved one. During the consultation, we’ll outline the care options available, helping you make an informed decision about moving forward with live-in care.

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Arrange a care consultation

Where to find us

For more information or to arrange your care consultation, please visit our office or contact us. Our team is ready to help you ensure your loved one receives the best possible care.

You can call us on 01202 853198 and our office is located at Discovery Court Business Centre, 551 – 553 Wallisdown Road, Poole, BH12 5AG. Our office is open Monday to Friday during the day, and our team would be delighted to discuss how we can assist you and your family.

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Where to find us

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