Dementia training in Pocklington and Brough for Care Professionals

Home Instead Pocklington & Brough provide award winning Dementia Training to their Care Professionals through a City and Guilds Assured course.

This year Dementia Action Week is the 13th – 19th of May.  This annual awareness campaign is led by the Alzheimer’s Society with the aim of not only raising awareness but getting people to act on dementia.  At Home Instead we support many clients living with dementia and we understand that having the right care is critically important to our loved ones.

Our Care Professionals receive ongoing training throughout their careers including specialist training in dementia.  We received a Princess Royal Training Award back in 2016 and continue to develop this industry leading training.  Rachelle recently joined Home Instead as a Care Professional and has just completed our City & Guilds accredited dementia training.  We asked her for her thoughts on the training and her experiences so far providing dementia care.

What did the Home Instead Dementia training cover?

The training covered a broad expanse of information relating to the different types of dementia, the symptoms and first hand understanding from members of the public, on the impact it had on their loved ones.  Throughout, the training was complimented by a great deal of practical activities that allowed us to establish and understand how we can help clients, and their families, when supporting them.  This included how to react and respond to many different scenarios and exploring what were their unmet needs and how to avoid reoccurrence.  For example, nutrition and the importance of a balanced diet and hydration and the different types of stimulation, subject to client’s symptoms and capabilities – visual, sensory, mental and physical, that can be included within their daily routine.

Anything that you learnt during training which you were surprised by? 

I was surprised to see how dementia could affect people so differently ranging from the inability to show emotion to the actual physical side effects.  In addition, the recommendation to present food in an attractive way to help encourage consumption. This played a key role in my most recent client and made a big difference to the client’s experience with food.

What was it like meeting your first dementia client for the first time?

It was a very humbling experience, a validation of how important it is we do not take away their identity and extremely rewarding – being entrusted to contribute to making someone’s loved ones daily & night time experience happy, safe and comfortable, in their own home, is very special.

Anything you have learnt about how to help people when they show dementia symptoms?

The following are my main key learnings:

It’s extremely important to get to know your client – both their background history and life leading up to current day as this is a great source, not only for conversations, but also positive diversions when required.  Establishing what foods/drinks they do/don’t like, provide them with a choice but not to overwhelm them with too many options.  Learn what makes them happy or sad and encourage activities that stimulate them, taking their capabilities into consideration.  Celebrate and enjoy their achievements with them and their family.

Keeping calm, bright and cheery no matter what the situation.  Be prepared to try different things, go with the flow and when possible, apply a positive diversion.  Do not be afraid to seek support from others.

Exercising a great deal of patience and empathy towards our clients – some activities like dressing, personal care, eating will take longer to complete.  In addition, there may be a great deal of repetition of the topics you share with your client.

Lastly ensuring you look after yourself, both mentally and physically, so you are in the best health to be able to support the client on an ongoing basis.

Rachelle at work as a Home Instead Care Professional

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