When Home Care Makes An Extraordinary Difference

When Home Care Makes An Extraordinary Difference

It was such a pleasure to meet with one of our valued clients, Hywel, during May.

The sun was shining and this beaming gentleman welcomed me into his home.

He showed me the paintings his wife had produced over the years, and allowed me to see the array of flowers in his garden.

The affinity he had with his previous Care Professional Angelika, was clear to see.

His current Care professional was also there but busy attending to household chores whilst we spoke.

Hywel and his wife had been enjoying the support of a small care team, which included Angelika.

He said, Angelika was part of the team that supported my wife and I, here at our home in Penarth.  In addition to her frequent visits at home to help me, in a great many different ways, she accompanied my wife and myself to visit our house in France. She arranged our return flights from Cardiff to Paris and provided caring support whilst we were there.  Thanks to her constant attention and care, our visit to France was very successful, and all my family witnessed her warmth and professionalism.”

When his wife became unwell and needed hospitalisation in London, and then subsequently moved to a London Care Home, Hywell was very affected by their separation.

Angelika drove him to London to visit her, and as he told the story he was clearly still emotionally affected by it.

They also took his wife’s dog, whom she’d missed terribly, and this was thanks to a lot of planning between Angelika and his granddaughter – the efforts were well worth it.

Pets are like family members and we miss them just as much as people when we are separated from them.

More importantly, to be separated from the person you love so much, is a huge wrench, but this is made worse when your ability to physically cross the miles all alone, is hampered in some way.

Hywel said, “I was able to visit my wife at the care home, thanks to the fact that Angelika was able to drive me to London, to the Care home, and then the return journey to Penarth.  During our London visit I was able to arrange two lunch occasions, with friends and members of my family, to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  Angelika was wonderfully supportive and attentive and made sure all the practical arrangements worked perfectly.  Once again she demonstrated her professionalism and the warmth of her care, for myself, my wife and my family, and the visit to the care home where we were accommodated appropriately, proved to be a great success.”

All our moments in life our precious, but we only seem to realise this, as we reach our latter years.These acts of care have made such a difference to Hywel and his beloved  wife, as well as the moments shared and treasured by the wider family.

It takes extraordinary people to give extraordinary care, which is why we are proud to have Care Professionals like Angelika work for Home Instead Cardiff, Penarth and Barry.

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