Safeguarding Seniors

Home Instead are helping safeguard people in Norwich by talking about common scams and fraud prevention in their free workshops.

At Home Instead Norwich, safeguarding our community is a top priority. That’s why we recently hosted a Scam and Fraud Drop-In Session at John Lewis department store in Norwich.

Trading standards are here to help you know who and how you can report a scam. Find our more here.

The aim of our session was simple yet crucial: to equip seniors with the knowledge and tools to identify, prevent, and report scams and fraud. We understand that these malicious schemes constantly evolve, making it vital for individuals to stay informed and vigilant.

Partnering with John Lewis allowed us to reach a wider audience within the community. Their dedication to customer welfare resonates with our mission to protect seniors from financial exploitation. Together, we created an informative and welcoming environment where visitors could freely seek advice and guidance.

The session wasn’t just about information delivery—it was interactive and engaging. Visitors had the opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences. We found that other peoples experiences were greatly received because they had noticed a trend with common scams that they or their families had fallen victim to.

The success of this event lies in the resilience of our community. Together, we stand stronger against the threats posed by scammers. By fostering a culture of awareness and proactive measures, we create a safer environment for everyone, especially our beloved seniors.

If you or a loved one missed our Scam and Fraud Drop-In Session, don’t worry! Home Instead Norwich continues to offer resources, advice, and support. Reach out to us for information on upcoming events, educational materials, and personalised guidance to protect against scams and fraud.

At Home Instead Norwich, safeguarding the well-being of seniors is not just a responsibility but a privilege. Together, let’s build a community where knowledge is power and where every individual feels empowered to navigate the digital world safely. For more information on our Care services and support click here or call us today on 01603 963317