Empowering our older community to stay socially connected in Norwich

Read on to find our how you can stay more socially connected in Norwich

Embracing Social Media – A Gateway to Reconnect:

Social media platforms have revolutionised the way we interact and share moments with loved ones. From Facebook to Instagram, seniors can use these platforms to connect with old friends, family members, and even join local community groups in Norwich. Discover the joy of virtual gatherings and keep up with the latest news and events within the city.

Online Classes and Hobby Groups – Learning Never Stops:

For the lifelong learners among us, online classes and hobby groups offer a fantastic way to pursue interests and passions from the comfort of your home. Whether it’s attending virtual art classes, joining a book club, or participating in exercise sessions, Norwich’s seniors can discover new horizons and connect with like-minded individuals. There are also specialist tablets aimed specifically for the elderly which only feature the apps that the person want. This may be helpful for someone with dementia. Find our more here.

Video Calls – Bringing Loved Ones Closer:

Distance doesn’t have to be a barrier to spending quality time with loved ones. Embrace video call platforms like Zoom or Skype to have face-to-face conversations with family members, grandchildren, and friends, regardless of their location. Enjoy virtual gatherings, share stories, and create cherished memories through these virtual meet-ups. Our Care Professionals can support people with their technology to make sure they are able to stay socially connected. Whether this is making sure they are there for a video call with their children to support downloading games on their tablet.

Virtual Events and Workshops – Connecting with the Community:

Norwich’s thriving community offers a plethora of virtual events and workshops that cater to seniors’ interests. From online storytelling sessions to gardening workshops and interactive discussions, these events provide opportunities to meet new people and engage in enriching activities. Our Care Professionals are able to support their clients getting to local events in Norwich and accompanying them to ensure they feel safe. to find our more about our companionship services, visit our website here

Online Support Groups – Strength in Unity:

For seniors seeking emotional support or a space to share experiences, online support groups can be a valuable resource. Connect with others who may be going through similar life experiences and find camaraderie in facing life’s challenges together.

Volunteering and Giving Back – Making a Difference:

Seniors in Norwich have a wealth of life experiences to share and skills to offer. Engage in virtual volunteering opportunities and give back to the community from the comfort of your home. From mentoring young individuals to participating in remote charity work, making a difference is just a few clicks away.

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