Join our Community Dementia Workshop in Norwich this Dementia Action Week

Home Instead Norwich invites you to our free Community Dementia Workshop. Learn practical care guidance during Dementia Action Week. Book your place now!

Dementia is an ever-growing concern in our society, touching the lives of millions across the UK. In light of this, Dementia Action Week is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on not just the condition, but the invaluable support and care needed by those affected. 

This year, during Dementia Action Week 2024, we at Home Instead Norwich are delighted to extend an invitation to our free Community Dementia Workshop, offering practical guidance for those caring for a loved one who is living with dementia. 

What: Community Dementia Workshop

When: Thursday 16th May, 2-4pm

Who for: Our local event is set to offer useful guidance and support for families and friends in Norwich caring for loved ones who are living with dementia

The workshop will also be useful for those working in community roles or voluntary positions who regularly interact with those living with the condition in our local community, please do also get in touch to book a space.


Booking is essential: Places are limited to ensure a friendly and welcoming environment. For more information about the event or to reserve your place, please contact us on 01603 963317 or email [email protected]

Where: At our office in Norwich.
Home Instead Norwich
Diamond House,
Vulcan Road North,

Home Instead Norwich

Come along and meet us

Home Instead Norwich Owner Chris, together with Hannah our Community Engagement and Marketing Manager, are your hosts for this workshop, and they bring a wealth of experience and compassion. 

The workshop will cover a range of practical topics to support caring and supporting those living with dementia, with confidence and dignity. Including understanding the various stages of dementia, learning how to navigate behavioural changes, and exploring strategies for effective communication. 

Recognising the signs, understanding the symptoms, and knowing how to provide support are key aspects that can significantly impact the quality of life for someone living with dementia, as well as offer relief and assurance to carers.

The workshop is carefully designed to foster a supportive atmosphere. Spaces are intentionally limited to ensure a personal and engaging experience for our attendees.

Join us for an educational and supportive experience during Dementia Action Week. Together, we can take action. To join us in Norwich on Thursday 16 May, please contact us on 01603 963317 or email [email protected] to book your place. 

Dementia Action Week Workshop

FAQs about Dementia Care

Q: What are early signs of dementia?

A: Early signs can include memory lapses, difficulty with familiar tasks, language problems, disorientation, and changes in mood or judgement.

Q: How can I communicate effectively with someone who is living with dementia?

A: Speak clearly and calmly, use short simple sentences, allow them time to respond, and try to maintain eye contact to offer reassurance.

Q: Can lifestyle changes support those living with dementia?

A: Certain lifestyle changes such as a regular routine, healthy diet, regular exercise, cognitive stimulation, and social engagement can impact overall well-being.

Q: What services does Home Instead Norwich offer for those living with dementia?

A: Home Instead Norwich provides specialist Dementia Care for individuals living with dementia, focusing on enhancing quality of life and maintaining independence. Our services include personalised care plans, and support tailored specifically to each person. Our highly trained Care Professionals are dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment to meet the unique needs of each client.

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If you wish to learn more about our specialist dementia care and our home care services, call us for an informal conversation on 01603 963317 or send us an enquiry at our online form. Or to apply to become a Care Professional with us, click to apply online at our website.

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