Your Guide to Sound Advice - Finding Solutions and Solving Problems

Volunteers prepare for the visitors to the 'Warm Welcome Café' at Bethesda Baptist Church with a well earned cup of tea.

A warm welcome was received from Cefn Wood Baptist Church after Nicola Jane Masters, our Community Engagement Officer for Home Instead Newport, Cwmbran and Chepstow who attended the regular companionship café which runs every Monday from 11.30 am till 2.30 pm at Cefn wood Baptist Church and on Fridays at Bethesda Baptist Church Rogerstone Newport where you will feel right at home.  The café is run in partnership with the Warm Welcome Campaign which ‘exists to support and champion the community response to the cost-of-living crisis.’

At Home Instead we are extremely passionate about community engagement, and we attended the Warm Welcome Café to offer support and access to our new Drop-In surgery where participants could come to us with challenges or unexpected difficulties in life.

We asked Nicola what made the day special, and she advised ‘It was my first time attending and on walking into the church I was welcomed with open arms, and I left with a smile on my face.  I would encourage anyone that might be feeling lonely or in need of someone to talk to to attend because you will leave with a warm welcome.  I managed to speak with everyone that attended the café to introduce a new initiative that the Newport, Cwmbran and Chepstow office were running; a drop-in surgery where vulnerable individuals could get information, advice and guidance on problems that they might be struggling with or finding difficult to solve, as sometimes all that is needed are helping hands.  The initiative is not about taking over it is about working together and empowering individuals to find solutions such as saving money on utility bills, learning how to use mobile technology or the basics of operating a laptop or tablet.   I met a lovely gentleman called Ron who was struggling to understand why he was unable to send a text to his friend in the church; the solution was simple he had changed one number accidentally on his friends contact listing and I corrected that, sent a test text and they were able to communicate again; Sometimes it takes a second pair of eyes to find a solution.  I feel like we are offering a vital service in the community and one which is greatly needed and appreciated.”

Community Engagement at Home Instead Newport, Cwmbran and Chepstow is about being consistent and present and we actively encourage direct referrals for this initiative, which is being rolled out across the communities we work within, we will however be present on Mondays at the Cefn Wood Baptist Church and on Fridays at the Bethesda Baptist Church Rogerstone Newport between 12.00 till 1.30pm.   There is tea, coffee, cake and companionship and now in partnership with Home Instead Newport, Cwmbran and Chepstow a way to solve problems through empowerment. Our passion is for developing initiatives that can help older and vulnerable individuals to live fulfilling lives, transforming Home Care Services and Dementia Care in the process.  We already run Dementia and Companionship Café’s across Wales where relatives can bring their loved ones to which can help them care for mum and care for dad giving them access to activities that can help with memory loss and cognitive difficulties.  Looking for things to do in Newport, Cwmbran and Chepstow can be difficult when families are already struggling to support their family but Home Instead are here to fill that gap and as specialist Home Care providers, we know what really matters.

To find out more information and how this initiative could support your community project contact us on [email protected]  or ring our offices on 01633 740028.