Funding Home Care and Support in Cornwall

A guide to the funding options and assistance available in Cornwall for care and support at home.

Funding Care In Cornwall

We are often asked about funding care in Cornwall and so have put together a quick guide to give an overview. Many people are entitled to support and assistance but don’t realise and leave the benefits or discounts unclaimed. It can be quite complicated and hopefully this guide will help.

Care and support services are usually not free at the point of use but you may be entitled to some or all of the cost to be funded.

For social care which is help with daily living tasks such as meal preparation, medications, washing and dressing and help about the home, Cornwall Council will undertake a care needs assessment and a financial needs assessment.

If you have more than £23,250 in savings and investments you probably will need to pay the costs yourself. If you have less, you may have some help or all of the costs paid depending on your capital, assets, income, savings and benefits.

Cornwall council may provide a personal budget which you can use to pay for care. If care costs are higher than the budget it may be an option for you or your family to top up.

Cornwall Council can be called on 0300 1234 131 or via this link  Request help for an adult – Cornwall Council

The Society of Later Life Advisers (Solla) can help you find a local Financial Adviser who can provide advice on paying for care and the options available. They can be contacted on 0333 2020 454 or via SOLLA – Contact (

Continuing Healthcare

Fully funded NHS care known as Continuing Healthcare is free care outside of hospital that is arranged and funded by the NHS. Palliative care support can sometimes be arranged in a similar away for people with higher care needs approaching end of life. To be eligible for this NHS care you will need to have an assessment and it is for people with high care needs only. Ask your social worker, family doctor or other health care professional for advice on whether it is likely to be available and how to have an assessment. if unsure your local GP practice will be able to advise.

“My mother returned to her home after being in a care home for nearly a year. We were uncertain how things were going to work, but she was determined to regain her independence and move back to her own house after her health improved over the months.
Home Instead was recommended to us by friends and we have been so impressed with their services so far, from the initial consultation to all the visits since starting. The carers are unfailingly polite, patient and thoughtful and provide just what my mother needs while also giving me and the rest of her family peace of mind. My mother has been able to increase her independence as we had hoped, but this has been done with the perfect amount of support from Home Instead at all times.”

PIP and Attendance Allowance

A Personal Independence Payment can be claimed if you are eligible with needs and are under 65. If over 65 and you need help, you should try to claim attendance allowance. For those needing help during the day OR night it is £68.10 per week. For those needing help in BOTH the day and night (or terminally ill) the rate is £101.75. Attendance Allowance is assessed on care need only and is not means tested and is tax free. Many people who are eligible do not realise and miss this important support they are entitled to. To apply call 08007310122 or go onto the website and search for ‘Attendance Allowance.’ The form is quite long and you may need help from a friend or relative to complete it.

Council Tax Discount

Another saving you may be able to make is on Council Tax. Many people don’t realise this and leave these discounts unclaimed. If you have a Dementia diagnosis (or other permanent mental health disability)  and are entitled to a benefit such as Attendance Allowance you may be able to claim a 25% discount if living with others, and 100% discount if living alone. Call Cornwall council on 0300 1234 171 or work through their website . A friend or relative can help you apply.

Home Instead Care Solutions

When looking at care options each case is unique. At Home Instead our Care Solutions can be a very affordable option. The fully managed, high quality service we provide can support many people to live well and as independently as possible in their own home where they want to be. An alternative task based, short visit, personal care only service may look cheaper in the short term but may well not provide the support needed and a person may need to move to residential care which will be much more expensive.

Care Solutions | Home Instead

“Home Instead has been fantastic in providing home care services for my parent. They have been flexible to evolving care needs. They provide general help with bathing, shopping, cooking meals and providing company and conversation. Each visit is accompanied by a detailed daily report via a patient portal, so myself and family can keep up to date with care needs. I would certainly recommend their services without hesitation.”

At Home Instead Mid Cornwall we can work with Adult Social Care and the NHS. Many of our clients who are funding their own care come to us directly. If you have any questions please call 01726 829312, email us on [email protected] or fill out the short form below.

Age UK have some good guidance as well. See Benefits and entitlements for pensioners and the elderly | Age UK

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