Discovering Oadby: A Journey Through History, Nature, and Culture

Let’s take a journey through Oadby’s local history, wildlife, and culture. Discover the fascinating stories and hidden gems of this charming Leicestershire town.

Nestled in the borough of Oadby and Wigston on the eastern side of Leicestershire, our local picturesque town of Oadby is now home to over 20,000 residents.

In this blog, we take a peek into the town’s unique history, culture, and wildlife you can discover on our doorstep.

A Brief History of Oadby

Oadby has been inhabited since the early Anglo-Saxon period, and some say was the area of a victory of King Alfred the Great, it has undergone significant changes over the centuries.

One of the town’s oldest buildings still standing today is the Church of St Peter, part of the community since the 14th century, and perhaps the tower and spire could date back as far as 1275.

In 1801, there were only around 600 residents! Then during the 19th century, Oadby became a fashionable suburb for Leicester’s successful manufacturers and has continued to grow up to today.

The Framework Knitters Cottage Homes were built in 1909 and are still in Oadby today. Oadby was also home to a senior American military officer, in 1944.

Oadby has evolved into a thriving residential community with a wide array of shops, services, and facilities. The village also is home to student residences for the University of Leicester.

Nature and Wildlife in Oadby

Despite being so close to the urban centre of Leicester, Oadby has access to beautiful green spaces and wildlife. Brocks Hill Country Park is a favourite, with 67 acres, it also features Lucas’ Marsh which is a Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust Reserve, and has a host of changing birds and butterflies to see throughout the seasons. Brocks Hill Country Park has a visitor centre with facilities and plenty of information about Oadby’s nature and wildlife.

“We enjoy taking our clients to Brocks Hill, and we also love Wigston Meadows it’s an excellent spot to enjoy a bit of nature.”

Oadby’s Culture

Oadby boasts a lively high street with plenty of cafes and restaurants, and sports facilities such as local leisure centres (including fun, low intensity, low impact sessions for older adults) Glen Gorse is a beautiful place to visit if you enjoy a round of golf. Events are held at The Parade and also at the University of Leicester Botanic Garden, while Leicester Race Course moved to Oadby in 1883 and now hosts around 30 race meetings a year.

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How Home Instead supports clients in Oadby

Oadby is a great place to call home, with local history, diverse culture, and access to green space, all conveniently close to city life.

At Home Instead we can support our clients to continue to enjoy living well, in their own homes in Oadby. From a leisurely walk through the high street to preparing a warm meal together, our team at Home Instead is committed to supporting our clients in Oadby through personalised, compassionate care tailored to their individual needs.

By offering our award-winning home care services (rated outstanding by the CQC), we can support our clients to live independently and continue to enjoy all that Oadby has to offer. If you or a loved one is looking for reliable and caring support and companionship in Oadby, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.

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