Home Health Tips for Older Adults: Avoiding Hospital Stays

Discover essential home health tips for older adults to stay safe and healthy at home, avoiding hospital visits with the help of Home Instead Maidstone's home care services.

Tips for Older Adults: Staying Healthy at Home and Avoiding Hospital Visits

As we age, the chance of needing a hospital stay increases. This can be due to chronic health conditions, a higher risk of falls, or being less motivated or able to follow healthy routines and habits. With this in mind, many issues that lead to hospital stays can be avoided with the right steps to staying well at home and reliable home care assistance. 

Here at Home Instead Maidstone, our home care service is rated ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). From companionship, home help to specialist care for dementia or Parkinsons, our mission is to help our clients live safely, healthily, and happily in their own homes. Here are a few helpful reminders and practical tips: 

Tips for Older Adults

Tips for Staying Well at Home

  1. Proper Nutrition

   – Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. If you find your appetite has reduced, then try eating smaller meals regularly and nutritious snacks. 

   – Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. If you find that you no longer feel thirsty, try some ideas like keeping a jug of your favourite squash or cordial nearby to fill your glass from, enjoy warm drinks for mid morning and afternoon breaks and eat water-rich food such as lettuce, cucumbers or strawberries .

   – Our home care team can also assist with meal preparation and ensuring you have nutritious meals.

Our dedicated team at Home Instead Maidstone ensures older adults maintain proper nutrition—essential for staying healthy and avoiding hospital stays. The CQC noted, "Staff were committed to providing people with excellent support with eating and drinking and maintaining a good diet."

  1. Regular Check-ups and Medication Management

   – It’s important to schedule regular check-ups and keep up to date with your GP.

   – If you take regular medication to keep you well, stick to your medication timetable closely, try a weekly pill box organiser or a paper timetable or a medication reminder app on your phone to help.

   – At Home Instead Maidstone, we can remind our clients about their medications and support getting to appointments as well as liaising with local healthcare providers.

  1. Staying active in and around Maidstone

   – Engage in regular physical activities like walking or attending an exercise class.

   – Participate in social activities to keep your mind active and engaged.

   – We can connect our clients to local clubs, support groups, and even host a memory cafe at Kenward Place – a group for those living with dementia or memory loss.

  1. Social connections 

   – Maintaining your social connections with friends, family and neighbours, from a phone call, a letter or a text and why not participate in a community event, group or activity.

   – Our approach to home care includes matching our clients with regular Care Professionals based on shared interests, delivering genuine companionship and enhancing overall wellbeing.

  1. Seek Help Early

   – The proverb “Prevention is better than cure” still holds true! Don’t wait until a small issue becomes a big problem. Always seek help, the earlier the better.

   – At Home Instead Maidstone, our Care Professionals visit the same clients regularly and are trained to spot changes and to be able to provide timely intervention. 

  1. Falls Prevention

   – Prevention is key! The UK Government statistic says “around a third of people aged 65 and over, and around half of people aged 80 and over, fall at least once a year”. Ensure your home is safe by removing tripping hazards and installing grab bars if and where necessary.

   – At Home Instead Maidstone, our care team can also offer advice to our clients on mobility aids and will assess any risks during a care consultation and work to create safer home environments.

Home care benefits

At Home Instead Maidstone, our goal is simple: to help you enjoy wellness and safety in the comfort of your own home, staying well and therefore avoiding and preventing unnecessary hospital visits. By supporting you with access to healthcare, encouraging physical activity, promoting social connections, managing medications efficiently, and offering heartfelt companionship, we can support you to stay at home. 

Our home care is personalised and tailored to each client with a customised care plan – whether that is with just a little support, perhaps a companionship visit every week or someone to get you ready for the day or with more specialist care needs.

Home care benefits

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