Keeping Warm And Staying Well This Winter

This winter may be tough for some due to the cold and rising costs of living, so it is important to come together and help your loved ones and others in the community.

Cold weather and winter bugs are more likely to affect vulnerable people. Living in a cold home increases the chance of existing health problems becoming worse or even developing a serious illness. 

At Home Instead Lewes District and Uckfield, our Care Professionals ensure that their clients are keeping warm and well each time they visit. The good news is that there are lots of simple steps to take to help you keep well and warm and we would like to share them with you: 

Keep Moving (H2)

As the temperature drops, it is tempting to hibernate, pop the telly on and sit down all day. However, a little bit of movement and activity not only helps maintain strength and mobility, but also helps to raise the body temperature.  

Senior Fitness Near Me

There are some simple chair-based activities or exercise videos available online. Additionally, accompanying a loved one or vulnerable person to get out and about is a great idea too. 

At Home Instead Lewes District and Uckfield, we run our Home Instead Charities Companionship Cafe every Wednesday 10am-12pm at The Dorset, Lewes. It is a chance to get out of the house, enjoy entertainment, quizzes, snacks and socialise with others from the local community. 

Keeping Warm 

We know that older people will be worried about heating their homes this winter with the rising cost of living, but it is so important to stay warm and heat your house to a regular temperature to stay comfortable and healthy. 

There are Government Schemes to help older adults pay for their heating bills:

There is more help and guidance, on the Age UK website, here. 

If you know someone over the State Pension Age, we encourage you to have a conversation with them to make sure they are receiving the Government Schemes they are entitled to, just like our Care Professionals do with our clients. If there are rooms they don’t use, they can turn off the radiators in them. It is also a good idea to check the radiators used are working well and to shut doors to keep the heat in. 

We also check our clients are equipped with warm blankets and hot water bottles, no older than 3 years old to ensure their safety.  We also check our clients have access to and are wearing well-fitting slippers, wrist warmers and fingerless gloves to keep their hands and feet warm and that they are appropriately dressed with layers. 

East Sussex Fire and Rescue service provides free home safety checks to check fire alarms, electric blankets and more. To book your free visit, click here.

The local council also provides warm spaces, also known as warm banks. For confirmed locations visit: Lewes District Council 

Eating Well

Sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to cook or prepare a meal. However, there are local companies that deliver pre-made meals, or alternatively you can help someone by batch-cooking some meals so they can be easily be heated up. 

It is also a good idea to remind your older loved ones, or more vulnerable neighbours, to check their cupboards to ensure they are well stocked in case they are unable to get to the shops. 

During the colder months, we encourage our Care Professionals to cook hearty winter meals for their clients, while checking their cupboards are well stocked and leaving them with a flask of hot tea or coffee beside them. 

Winter Vaccinations

It is also important that your loved one has had their winter vaccinations. You can check if eligibility and where the nearest walk-in locations are, here. 


The winter months usually mean darker days and miserable weather, making it harder to get out and about. During these times, many people suffer from loneliness and feeling a bit down. Loneliness can have serious effects on a person’s health and Home Instead aims to prevent loneliness through companionship-led care. 

From giving a hand with the weekly shop, accompanying someone to their doctor’s appointment or to a favourite social group or event, companionship is simply being there for someone which offers so many benefits. 

Call us to see how we can help you