Fun Places To Feed The Ducks Around Hereford

Are you looking for a fun and relaxing activity to enjoy with your loved ones in Hereford?

Feeding the ducks is a great way to spend some quality time together, especially for older adults, families and caregivers who want to connect with nature and create some cherished memories. In this article, we will explore four fun places to feed the ducks in Hereford that have great reviews from visitors. Let’s get started!

Bodenham Arboretum

Located in Wolverley, Bodenham Arboretum is a 134-acre site that offers breathtaking views, stunning gardens, and an abundance of wildlife, including ducks. You can purchase some duck food from the kiosk and head over to the nearby lake to feed the ducks while taking in the beautiful scenery. Here’s what one visitor had to say about their experience:

“The ducks at Bodenham Arboretum are so friendly and happy to receive treats. It was such a peaceful and enjoyable activity that I would highly recommend to anyone.”

Queenswood Country Park and Arboretum

Queenswood Country Park and Arboretum is a hidden gem located just 5 miles north of Hereford. This 123-acre site is home to a diverse range of trees, flowers and wildlife, including ducks that are eager to be fed. You can buy some duck food from the visitor centre and follow the signs to the pond where you can enjoy feeding the ducks while surrounded by stunning natural beauty. Here’s what one happy visitor had to say:

“I took my grandchildren to Queenswood Country Park and Arboretum to feed the ducks and they absolutely loved it! The ducks were so friendly and came right up to us. It was a great day out for all of us.”

Hereford Cathedral

Located in the heart of Hereford, Hereford Cathedral is a historical and architectural masterpiece that attracts visitors from all over the world. However, not many people know that the cathedral also has a beautiful pond where you can feed the ducks. You can purchase duck food from the gift shop and head over to the pond to enjoy the peaceful and tranquil environment while feeding the ducks. Here’s what one happy visitor had to say:

“The pond at Hereford Cathedral is a hidden gem that many people overlook. It was so lovely to sit by the water, surrounded by the stunning architecture, and feed the ducks. I highly recommend it!”

Croft Castle and Parkland

Croft Castle and Parkland is a National Trust property located near Leominster that offers a wealth of history, nature and adventure. The parkland is home to a variety of ducks that are always eager to be fed by visitors. You can purchase some duck food from the kiosk and head over to the lake to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing activity. Here’s what one happy visitor had to say:

“The ducks at Croft Castle and Parkland are so cute and friendly! It was great to be able to sit by the lake and enjoy the scenery while feeding them. I highly recommend this activity to anyone visiting the area.”

In conclusion, feeding ducks is a fun and engaging activity for all ages, and Hereford offers plenty of great spots to do just that. From the tranquil Bodenham Lake Nature Reserve to the grand and historic Croft Castle and Parkland, there’s something for everyone. So why not pack a picnic and head out to one of these fantastic places today?

A man in a yellow jacket kneels on grass, feeding a black and white duck in a park. - Home Instead