Join our Health, Care and Safeguarding Advocacy Information Session on 5 June

Ellie Jarvis from POhWER, the independent health and social care advocacy service, will be joining us to host this free to attend expert session.

Join us as we invite Ellie Jarvis from POhWER to share how the independent health and social care advocacy service is helping people in Gloucestershire have their voices heard, and how they may be able to help you and your loved ones. This session is free to attend and will take place at 4pm on Wednesday 5th June.

POhWER is a charity which offers a free advocacy, information and advice to empower people to express their views and receive the care and support they need. They help individuals who may find it hard to have their voices heard, due to disability, illness, social exclusion and other challenges to ensure their rights and wishes are upheld.

What is an advocate?

POhWER has helped individuals:

  • Understand and be involved in the decisions that are being made about their care, support and health
  • Navigate the sometimes confusing and complex social care processes and ensure their views are heard
  • Make important life decisions if they are not able to do so for themselves, or struggle to have their voice heard
  • Receive support during needs assessments and care planning processes to ensure their care meets their needs
  • Ensure their rights are protected and views are upheld
  • Reduce the risk of discrimination or abuse if they feel vulnerable to mistreatment and support those for whom a safeguarding has been raised
  • Raise a concern or make a complaint about treatment they have received from the NHS.

POhWER has supported local adults who, due to disability, illness, sensory impairments, dementia, frailty, mental health problems and other conditions may otherwise find it hard to advocate for themselves to achieve empowerment and equality.

Ellie will bring her experiences of supporting individuals through challenging situations and decisions to highlight the help that POhWER can provide. POhWER is passionate about fighting social injustice and challenges that are faced by individuals in the community who are marginalised, vulnerable and socially excluded. As a charity that is independent from local social and health care services, POhWER is able to stand up for and work alongside individuals without being influenced by the views of others, putting the wishes and needs of the individuals they support first.

To find out more about POhWER, you can visit their website here:

Join us and Ellie on Wednesday 5th June at 4pm to learn more about POhWER and their services.

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