Support for people living with Dementia in Farnborough

team from carers support and dementia advice service for Hampshire discuss how they are helping people in the community living with dementia

Support for people living with Dementia in Farnborough, Fleet and Surrounding areas

Older Wiser Together” is a podcast that talks about home care and looking after older people. It focuses on places like Farnborough, Fleet, and Farnham in Hampshire. In this episode, the host chats with staff from Andover Mind, a group that’s been helping people with dementia since 1984. Guests Bev Caldwell and Trina Sidwell share about their work.

Dementia Care Evolution with Bev Caldwell

Bev Caldwell, who’s been with Andover Mind for over 10 years, talks about how dementia care has changed, especially in Farnborough. The start of dementia coffee meetups and support groups show how much more help is out there. Andover Mind’s work is all about home visits. They check on people with dementia at home, giving them practical advice and help so they can live well.

A Personal Story of Dementia Care in Fleet

Chrissi, who takes care of her husband with dementia in Fleet, shares her story. It’s not easy for her, but she says Andover Mind’s help has been priceless.

Andover Mind connected Chrissi to other carers and resources. She talks about how her husband has a panic alarm that can call for help if he falls. She appreciates the kindness and understanding from Andover Mind’s staff and other carers, many of whom are from Farnborough or Fleet.

The Value of Caregiver Support Groups

Chrissi talks about the help she got from a caregivers group in Fleet organised by Andover Mind. She found the group’s shared experiences and support really uplifting. She encourages others in places like Fleet and Farnborough to try these groups.

The host praises Andover Mind for the full range of support it offers to caregivers all over Hampshire, including Farnborough and Fleet.

The carers support group meets in Fleet monthly at the Fleet Parish Community Centre on the last Thursday of every month from 12 noon till 2pm.

The carers support group in Farnborough meets first Monday of the month from 1030 till 1200 in St John the Baptist Church 

Volunteering Opportunities with Andover Mind

The podcast also talks about how people can volunteer with Andover Mind. They invite listeners from all places, including Farnborough and Fleet, to join in. Andover Mind (contact: 01264 332297, [email protected]) is well-known for its great support for older people.

Bev and Trina talk about what volunteers can do, like helping at group meetings or making welfare calls. Even though these roles don’t need much training, they can make a big difference. This is especially true for volunteers who can drive carers to and from group meetings, helping Andover Mind’s work all over the region.

The podcast ends by saying that even small acts of volunteering can make big changes. Lastly, they thank Bev, Trina, and Chrissi for their dedication to Andover Mind’s work in Hampshire, especially in places like Farnborough and Fleet.

Listen to the podcast here


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