Supporting Family Caregivers with Dementia Care

Discover how our inclusive approach to dementia care supports family caregivers.

Our client’s families and family caregivers are as important to us as our clients. The wellbeing of family caregivers holds a place of such importance to us, because we have witnessed how a holistic approach can make such a big difference in the lives of everyone involved. In every interaction and care plan, we make it a priority to consider the emotional and physical wellbeing of both our clients and their families. One of the rewards of delivering our home care services is when we see the positive impact having some extra regular support makes to all of the family. 

“It's such a relief to have their (Home Instead Fareham and Gosport’s) support, and particularly, knowing they will listen and respond to any changes needed. I really can't recommend them highly enough.”

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For those who are caring for someone living with dementia at home, we are always mindful to recognise that the client’s immediate care circle and a wider support network is especially vital. 

Take, for instance, our client Marion*, who is living with mid-stage dementia in the comfort of her own home, with the help of her dedicated husband, Roger*, and regular visits from our compassionate team at Home Instead Fareham and Gosport. We see the incredible role Roger plays in Marion’s life, and we are committed to providing him with the resources he needs. With tailored one-on-one sessions, our care team at the office has empowered Roger to better understand Marion’s behaviour and furnished him with coping strategies that benefit both of them. 

*We’ve changed the names of our clients for confidentiality reasons.

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When the emotional strain became too much for Roger, we stepped in to coordinate a respite break, ensuring Marion was cared for in a dementia specialist home. During Marion’s two-week stay, we kept the consistency of care by visiting her, which meant she could stay connected with her familiar Home Instead Care Professional. This break was crucial for Roger’s emotional wellbeing, allowing him the space to recuperate and return to caregiving with renewed energy.

Understanding the unique challenges faced by those caring for loved ones with dementia, our local team have also conducted group sessions for our clients’ families. These meetings offer a community space where local families and partners can gain insight into the progressive nature of dementia, exchange personal experiences, and learn strategies to handle the day-to-day behaviours associated with the condition.

Our approach is centred on empathy, education, and practical support, ensuring that our clients and their families never walk alone on their dementia journey. Our regular monthly memory choir also takes place in Fareham, at the Crofton Centre in Stubbington. Providing a space to enhance the wellbeing of those living with dementia, and to be with others, through group singing. 

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Do get in touch if you and your loved one would like to attend our memory choir, or if you wish to understand more about how our home care services can support you and your loved one, do get in touch with us, call us at our Fareham office on 01329 596 706. 

And for those looking to make a difference in the lives of others, we invite you to explore career opportunities with us by applying online. Together, let’s build a support system that cherishes and sustains both our clients and their caring families.

*We’ve changed the names of our clients for confidentiality reasons.