Demonstrate your 'soft skills' and stand out from the CV crowd, with Home Instead...

Research is revealing that soft-skills we seek at Home Instead, such as dependability, flexibility, an ability to collaborate and communicate, are highly prized.

At Home Instead, we welcome experienced care professionals and applications from those new to the care sector.

It’s also fair to say that we are hugely proud of the diversity of our team, and that we are pleased to be able to encourage team members to further their career in whichever way they choose, through our Personalised Career Pathways scheme or indeed by utilising Home Instead as a steppingstone to another role.

There is no set persona for a Care Professional with Home Instead. What we do look for though, are the highly prized ‘soft skills’ of an applicant as opposed to the hard skills of technical know-how or specific knowledge. If you have completed a personal statement for Uni or college of late, you will no doubt have been encouraged to mention these elements of your character, as a positive.

Global job site Monster’s ‘The Future of Work 2021: Global Hiring Outlook’ report revealed that the soft-skills that we seek at Home Instead, such as dependability, flexibility, an ability to collaborate, communicate and adapt, are highly prized among a growing number of employers – especially post pandemic.

In fact, recent research by US based America Succeeds (a non-profit organisation, committed to improving equity, access, and opportunity in US education) revealed that of the ten most desired skills by leading employers, seven of them were ‘soft skills’, being the most highly regarded for 91% of management Jobs, 86% of business operations jobs and surprisingly, 81% of engineering jobs.

The difficulty that applicants – especially younger ones – can have, is demonstrating these interpersonal skills on their CV’s or LinkedIn pages.

Being able to display commitment and a sense of emotional intelligence through work experience, could be crucial in relation to ongoing career success and that is where a role with Home Instead comes in…

For those looking at their next steps with regard to careers (especially whilst embarking on separate qualifications at college or university), the role of Care Professional can offer an adaptable way of casual working that can fit around study, provide extra income and evidence of those soft skills mentioned, whilst displaying one of the most desired ‘soft skill’ characteristics of all: compassion.

The role of Care Professional is a diverse one, requiring commitment, kindness, an ability to converse with a variety of clients from a range of backgrounds, each with different needs. It offers challenge, an opportunity to develop and progress, plus great rates of pay, including paid travel, waiting and mileage, a range of contracts, support from a friendly and dedicated team, and a host of other social and work perks, plus the best bonus of all… working with our wonderful, charismatic clients!

The benefits of so called ‘Age Gap Friendships’ have been widely acknowledged for some time, and we see ongoing proof of this, at Home Instead. Older and younger generations can find common ground in the everyday, and sometimes in the unique, as reflected upon by our Care Professional, Kelly, during her recent Care Professional Catch Up article, or Tabby, who balances her psychology Degree at Exeter Uni perfectly alongside her rewarding career in care.

So, if you’re a student wanting to develop your interpersonal skills in a way that you can display on your own profile and CV, don’t hesitate – we have a number of great opportunities available!

Apply in seconds HERE, take a look around our website, follow us on Facebook and give our team a call on 01395 200600 and talk to us about how an adaptable career in care could be perfect for you.