Live-In Care Professional Catch Up... with Lou

A career crossroads led Lou to Home Instead Exeter & East Devon

Our Care Professionals are a diverse and talented pool of people, who’s career and life experience is hugely varied. That said, there are two common qualities that we not only seek but notice in those that are part of our team, and they are the ability to communicate and the desire to ‘care’.

Lou joined our team in early 2023 after deciding that after many years, she wanted to move her career in a slightly different direction. With a background in childcare, which ranged from nannying through to being a parent support advisor, a role as pastoral lead at a primary school and then carer in a residential children’s home, Lou felt that she had reached a crossroads, saying:

“My job was really fulfilling but it was challenging, mentally and also physically at times. I had been thinking about making a change, but I wasn’t sure what that looked like really. So, I decided to take a break and that’s when I spotted an advert for Home Instead whilst scrolling through Facebook.

“I’d never really considered adult care and I thought it would just be something that I could do as a change, whilst I figured out what to do next… But, I’m still here because I really love this job!”

Lou started as a Care Professional, providing hourly care to regular clients across the Home Instead community. Enjoying the scope that extended visits of two or three hours allowed, Lou enquired about the possibility of joining the Live-In team at Home Instead.

Live-In Care Professionals are matched to clients based on a number of factors both with regard to training and experience, and common interests. Our team members work on a rota basis, providing Live-In care at the clients home for one or two weeks at a time, after which they can choose to return to a regular community role with regular clients and schedules created by our team, or in the case of Lou, take time to themselves for a week or two, before returning to their Live-In client once again.

Lou says “The extended time with a Live-In client absolutely enables you to build trust and understanding. It can be challenging for a person to allow a stranger into their home, but we are trained to gently and respectfully build a routine based around the detailed care plan. In my experience, it can be really rewarding. I know I am making a positive difference to my client, and I feel so encouraged to do that. I’ve never worked for such a supportive company.”

The advantages that Lou describes are echoed across our team, with regard to the focus on small but vital points of progress that truly consistent care can achieve. For example, both Lou and her current Live-In client have an interest in all things motorcycle related, so there’s a common ground which has led to onward activities and discussion, sparking renewed enthusiasm for hobbies in the client and offering the Care Professional a chance to bring their own skills into the ‘care’ that they are providing. For Lou, this also extends to another of her passions, which is cooking – a hobby that she knows her client appreciates as their appetite and enthusiasm for mealtimes has greatly improved with her company and encouragement.

Lou is positive about the Live-In process, saying, “The extended time enables you to be creative and the daily welfare calls from the office support team reassure myself and the Client that help is just a call away – it’s real teamwork. Whilst it’s lovely having the break and time at home, I actually look forward to returning for a catch-up with my Live-In colleague, to see how the week has been.”

Lou, thank you for your positivity and kindness, and for taking the leap and exploring a new career path!

Our team is growing, and we’d love you to be part of it… Our Live-In opportunities work really well as a dual role to those living locally, as we are able to offer contracts to fill those times when you are taking a break from your Live-In role and still living in the community you call home.

This role could be equally suitable to those from outside of the local area, looking for a change of scene in lovely East Devon! Simply click HERE to find out more or call our friendly recruitment team on 01395 200600 or email [email protected]

Due to the popularity of our Outstanding Live-In Care services, our office Management Team is growing too! We are currently recruiting a Deputy Live-In Care Manager, so if you are ready to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives while advancing your career in care, get in touch. Click HERE for details.

If you are considering care options at present and would like to discuss the value of Live-In care, please contact our dedicated Home Care Consultants on 01395 200600 or email [email protected]

There are a vast range of care options available. Identifying true quality from the vast quantity of care options available can be challenging. Contact our team to discuss our officially ‘Outstanding in all areas’ home care services and to access a free copy of our handy Live-In Care Checklist document. We would welcome your enquiry.