Staying Cool in the Summer: Essential Tips

Unsure how to help your loved ones stay safe in the warmer weather? Take a look at our helpful guide for staying cool this summer!

At Home Instead Epping Forest, our care professionals are dedicated to taking care of your loved ones throughout the year and as we approach the warm summer months, it’s important to be prepared for the heat. Although the sunshine lifts our spirits and provides essential Vitamin D, it’s also crucial for us to stay mindful of the weather, as overheating can be uncomfortable and potentially lead to health complications.

A leisurely stroll in the park for an ice cream or a wander around the local town centre can be enjoyable, but it’s important to ensure the weather isn’t too hot! To help you stay comfortable and safe in the hot weather, our team has put together some essential tips for keeping cool this summer:

1. Avoid the Hottest Times of the Day (11am – 3pm)

Try to stay indoors during these peak hours. If you need to venture out, limit your exposure and find shady areas whenever possible.

2. Stay Hydrated

Even if you’re not feeling thirsty, it’s crucial to drink plenty of water or fruit juice to replace fluids lost through sweating. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, as they can increase dehydration.

3. Choose Lightweight Clothing

Opt for loose, lightweight, light-coloured, and breathable fabrics like a white linen shirt. These materials help your body stay cool by allowing air to circulate and reflecting sunlight.

4. Cool Down Regularly

Take cool showers and baths when possible. If you’re out and about, use a damp cotton cloth on the back of your neck and wrists to help lower your body temperature.

5. Wear a Hat

In addition to cooler clothing, remember to wear a hat. Whether it’s a cotton baseball cap or a straw boater, headwear can provide shade and reduce the risk of heatstroke.

6. Create a Cool Environment at Home

Seek out the coolest areas of your home during warm weather and keep curtains and blinds closed to prevent the sun from heating up rooms, especially your bedroom. Consider using fans or air conditioning if this is available.

7. Stay Informed

Keep an eye on weather forecasts and heat advisories as knowing when the temperature is expected to rise can help you plan your activities and stay safe.

8. Eat Light

Consume light, easy-to-digest meals. Heavy meals can increase your body’s metabolic heat, making you feel warmer. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and salads are excellent choices.

9. Apply Suncream

Wear suncream to protect your skin throughout the warm weather. Getting sunburn increases your risk of skin cancer, so it’s important to apply plenty of suncream to protect yourself against UV rays. Use at leastan SPF 15 and apply it generously, remembering to reapply throughout the day.

10. Check in on your Neighbours

The heat can be uncomfortable for many people, so check in with your neighbours and loved ones to see if they require any support or a helping hand.

Staying Cool in the Summer: Essential Tips

Supporting Our Clients

Our care professionals can assist with shopping, ensuring clients can stay inside where it’s cooler. They can also provide personalised care to help manage the effects of heat, from preparing cool drinks to creating comfortable indoor environments. By following these tips and making small adjustments to your daily routine, you can enjoy a safer, more comfortable summer with your loved ones.

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Staying Cool in the Summer: Essential Tips