Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe in Epping Forest

At Home Instead Epping Forest, we work to keep your loved ones safe and healthy at home, preventing unnecessary hospitalisations.

It’s important not to dismiss any decline in someone’s health as just ‘getting old’ as inactivity, missed GP appointments, depression, difficulties with meal preparation, poor appetite, weight loss, and slips or falls are all warning signs that need attention.

At Home Instead Epping Forest, we provide support and advice, offering five key strategies to prevent hospitalisation, with our trained care professionals implementing these methods for our clients.

5 Ways to Prevent Hospitalisation

1. Keep Health in Check

Regular monitoring of health and prompt intervention are crucial. Our care professionals are trained to detect early signs of health problems, such as worsening chronic conditions or unused medication, and act swiftly to address these issues. They also assist with transportation to GP appointments and medication management, ensuring continuity of care which has been shown to reduce hospital admissions.

2. Stay Physically and Mentally Active

Encouraging physical activity, even short walks several days a week, can greatly benefit overall health. Our care professionals support clients in staying active through gentle exercises and activities that stimulate the brain, like puzzles or learning new skills. These activities help maintain physical and cognitive function, reducing the risk of acute health episodes.

3. Maintain a Healthy Diet

A balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, oily fish, and whole grains is vital. We can support clients in meal preparation, ensuring they receive nutritious meals that support their health.

4. Stay Hydrated

Proper hydration is essential, and we are encouraged to drink around 1.5 litres of fluid a day, helping to maintain overall health and prevent complications which can lead to hospitalisation.

5. Companionship

Social isolation and loneliness can significantly impact health. We provide companionship visits and encourage clients to engage in social activities, whether it’s joining our monthly memory lane café or volunteering in the community. Building social connections helps improve mental and emotional well-being, reducing the risk of health decline.

Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe in Epping Forest

How Home Instead Epping Forest Helps

Our care professionals are committed to offering personalised care that addresses these key areas. By closely monitoring clients’ health and well-being, assisting with daily activities, and providing companionship, we help our clients lead fulfilling lives at home. Here are some testimonials from clients and their families:

  • David (Son of Client): “Home Instead cared for my mother for four years, allowing her to remain in her own home even though she was physically frail (and over 100 years old). They treated her with compassion, dignity, and respect. She looked forward to visits and because mum was so well cared for, her family were also comforted and reassured.”
  • L S (Niece of Client): “Outstanding last-minute emergency care. Very accommodating and flexible. Carers are professional, kind, and caring.”
  • G P (Wife of Client): “Very professional in every way. Kind and caring staff. My husband looks forward to the group singing sessions and the numerous cafes.”
  • B N (Daughter of Client): “I’m really happy with Home Instead. They look after my mum well.”
  • C C (Niece of Client): “I am extremely impressed with the care and attention which my aunt receives. All the ladies are pleasant, friendly, and dedicated. I am so pleased with Home Instead and glad that my aunt has them.”

Mark’s Story

Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to keep Mark living happily and safely in his home. Following a hospital admission, Mark was determined to return home despite his advancing Dementia and mobility issues. Our care professionals visit daily, providing personal care, meal preparation, and household assistance. By closely following Mark’s care plan and collaborating with medical professionals, our team addresses changes in his health swiftly, preventing further hospitalisation. Thanks to our efforts, Mark continues to live comfortably at home, where he is happiest.

If you’d like to know more about the services we provide at Home Instead Epping Forest visit us here and don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01992 666 777. We’d be delighted to share the ways we can support you and your loved ones.

Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe in Epping Forest