Live-In Care: Supporting Older Adults with Round-the-Clock Assistance

Live-In Care is a valuable solution that provides round-the-clock support for older adults, ensuring their wellbeing, improving health outcomes and to live independently in the comfort of their own home. This type of care is known as homecare or domiciliary care or sometimes home help.

This service goes beyond traditional hourly, care services, offering enhanced support throughout the day, no matter what your needs are.

With Live-In Care, individuals can confidently age in place, knowing that someone is always available to provide assistance and act promptly if needed.

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Who is Live-In Care for?

Live-In Care is suitable for anyone who requires someone to be nearby  and one-to-one support to safely and comfortably remain in their own homes.

At Home Instead, we have had the privilege of witnessing numerous clients who have been with us for years, having hourly care visits, gradually transitioning to Live-In Care instead of moving into a care home.

By choosing Live-In Care, they continued living in their own homes. This decision not only provides them with the same benefits they enjoyed with hourly care but also offers family members the reassurance of having personalised, one-to-one care throughout the day.

Live-In Care is also a brilliant option for anyone who has had a recent hospital stay. Having a Care Professional stay with you while you recover can actually speed up the healing process as you’re in the familiar surroundings of your own home and getting one-to-one attention.

Live-In Care is great for people living with Parkinsons?

A Live-In Care Professional can provide personal support and complex care that helps slow down the progression of your symptoms and allows you to manage them.

Live-In Care is great for people needing Palliative Care

Palliative support from a Live-In Carer can help you to react quickly to any developments in your condition and manage your symptoms.

Rehabilitation support

If you’re recovering from surgery or an accident, you may benefit from Live-In Care until you’re able to get back on your feet and get on with your daily life.

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Is it just for Personal Care?

Live-In Care goes beyond personal care to encompass a comprehensive range of support services for older adults. While personal care is an essential component of Live-In Care, including assistance with activities such as bathing, dressing, and grooming, it is by no means limited to these tasks.

Live-In Care also includes support with meal preparation, medication management, domestic tasks, and even transportation to appointments or social outings.

The aim is to provide holistic care that addresses not only the physical needs but also the emotional and social wellbeing of older adults.

But it is so much more!

They are also there to provide companionship care and emotional support; whether that is sitting down with a cup of tea, or watching your favourite TV show. Our Care Professionals can also assist with additional tasks such as feeding your pets, light gardening duties, and collecting medication.

Our Live-In Care services offer a tailored approach, sensitive personal care, and specialist care so that an individual’s constant care can be adapted to specific requirements, ensuring comfort, dignity, and overall quality of life are prioritised.

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Benefits of Live-In Care?

  • Round-the-clock support: 24-hour personalised support and assistance and care, averaging 10 hours care per day, from a dedicated, carefully-matched Care Professional. Ensuring their safety and wellbeing at all times.
  • Enhanced independence: Live-In Care enables older adults to remain in the comfort of their own homes, maintaining their independence and familiarity with their surroundings.
  • Personalised one-on-one care: Each client receives a one-to-one support plan that is uniquely designed to accomodate specific needs and preferences. Making sure that they are met consistently.
  • Continuity and familiarity: Live-In Care allows for continuity with existing Care Professionals, maintaining the bond and familiarity between clients and their trusted Care Professionals.
  • Peace of mind for families: Families can have peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are receiving high-quality, round-the-clock care and support. Even when they are unable to be physically present.

One of the remarkable features of Live-In Care from Home Instead, is the continuity it maintains with existing Care Professionals. Even with a Live-In Care Professional present, there is a designated two-hour break during which our clients’ previous Care Professionals can continue to visit. Which provides familiarity and strengthens the bond between clients and their trusted Care Professionals.

Additionally, by opting for Home Instead’s Live-In Care service, it allows clients to continue to work with the same care provider; continuing their high-quality of care. And not making hard decisions about care homes, leaving beloved pets behind, or change of scenery.

At Home Instead, we do provide a fully managed service—an option that may not be widely known. We have an office-based team who support with all scheduling and support both you and our care professionals to ensure things work as smoothly as possible for everyone. All recruited live-in carers undergo a rigorous recruitment process, including training and enhanced DBS checks

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How much does Live-In Care Cost?

When considering Live-In Care, it is natural to wonder about the cost. It is worth noting that Live-In Care from Home Instead is comparable in cost to private care homes.

Live-in care can be particularly cost-effective for couples who require support but who would prefer to stay together.

Another important financial aspect of Live-In Care is that, unlike with residential care, the local authority will not take the value of your home into account as an asset, because you are still living there.

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How do I arrange Live-In Care?

Our care begins with you.

We will start a conversation to discuss your needs and make sure that the Live-In Care package is completely suited to your needs.

Feel free to contact Home Instead to explore the options of Live-In Care.

Why Should I Call Home Instead?

  • We are a trusted care provider. (Care quality commission CQC)
  • We provide tailored support & person-centred care.
  • We are always here to talk to anyone about our services.
  • We understand that everyone’s situation is different. Family members and people needing care have different reasons as to why they need to seek a healthcare professional.
  • If you’re a family carer thinking about needing a much-needed break, we can help you explore respite care or something more permanent. But we will help guide you into the best care plan for you and your loved one’s needs.

Call us today and discover the peace of mind that comes with maintaining independence, high-quality care, and receiving round-the-clock support from our dedicated Care Professionals.

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What is the difference between having a Live-In Carer and hourly care?

Live-In Care provides round-the-clock support with a dedicated Care Professional present at all times (-2 hours break for an average of 10 hours care with 12 hours rest time). While hourly care involves Care Professionals visiting multiple times daily for shorter durations.

Can existing Care Professionals continue visiting during Live-In Care?

Yes, during the designated two-hour break, our clients’ preferred Care Professionals, from their previous care team, can continue to visit, protecting continuity and familiarity. But also still providing that additional support, and providing family members peace of mind that there are still healthcare professionals present.

Is a Live-In Care Service affordable?

Care costs of Live-In Care from Home Instead are comparable to that of private residential care and care agencies, providing clients with personalised, one-on-one support, with no hidden costs.

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