VE Day 75th Anniversary - Client and Family Memories

It’s hard to believe that VE Day was 75 years ago on the 8th May 1945.  We have been asking some of our clients what they can remember doing.

One client Mr. Dormer said he was in The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) in the Army and through the war he was based in the UK. During VE Day he said that they continued doing their work and celebrated later on. After the Second World War he was called to go to Korea, he did some training but never went.

Another client Jill said she couldn’t remember much but that it meant Victory in Europe and everyone was very happy!

Owner Mark Darnell’s father was in the Devonshire Army Regiment and when VE Day was declared he was in the middle of the Baltic sea continuing his work with his regiment and they celebrated VE Day later on.

Owner Rosina Darnell’s father was in the Air Force and he was a Flight Sergeant in Burma.