Finding time for fun in East Hampshire and Midhurst

Older people need stimulation but also to relax and have fun, with games, activities or hobbies they can enjoy. There are plenty of options to choose from in East Hampshire.

Our care professionals at Home Instead East Hampshire and Midhurst are well aware of the importance of relaxation (rather than just sleeping) and fun for our clients. A simple hobby or game is something in which they can become absorbed. It can often also lead to opportunities for conversations and making new friends. Here are a few ideas from around the area – from Alton to Midhurst – that you might like to try out.

Bingo and Rummikub in Petersfield

Good, old-fashioned games are on the menu at Winton House Centre in Petersfield (just off the High Street). The centre is a Grade II listed building, originally established about 1590 as part of a coaching inn. It organises a range of activities for the over-65s, including Bingo and Rummikub afternoons. These games are a lovely, gentle way for them to pass the time – and to also get to know each other.

Bingo takes place on the last Friday of the month from 2:00pm to 4:00pm, with refreshments provided. The centre also hosts monthly Rummikub afternoons on the second Friday of the month, from 2:30pm to 4:00pm. We’ve worked with Winton House Centre and we recently raised funds for them at the Christmas Craft Fair. The centre has a Memory Café that opens once a month, and also organises outings for older people.

Flower Arranging at Midhurst Methodist Church

Flower arranging is another relaxing activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. We’d recommend the Flower Arranging group that’s held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at Midhurst Methodist Church.

Flower arranging, in addition to producing something beautiful to look at, can also enhance your ageing loved one’s manual dexterity and motor skills. It can boost their mood and relieve stress – and they will also have the chance to meet some really lovely new friends with common interests!

Wooteys Allotment Group in Alton

With our extensive experience of providing specialist dementia care, we know how important it is to provide activities for those who are disabled by this disease. The Allotment Group at Wooteys Allotments in Alton is a great example of the type of activity that can be helpful, stimulating and enjoyable.

The Allotment Group is run by Karen Murrell, Co-ordinator of Dementia Friendly Alton. The group is free to join and meets on a Tuesday afternoon, from 1:00pm to 3:30pm. Activities include mowing the paths, cutting the edges, planting, tidying, watering and harvesting the produce – along with making time for tea and biscuits and some planning discussions. And if the weather’s wet, everyone simply adjourns to the nearby garden centre for a cuppa!

Tea Dance in Alton

The Tea Dance is another event organised by Dementia Friendly Alton – and it’s free of charge. It’s an afternoon of enjoyable dancing that takes place on the third or fourth Thursday of each month at the Royal British Legion in Anstey Park, Alton. We’ve worked closely with Dementia Friendly Alton on various initiatives. Indeed, some of our clients attend the informal classes, which are led by members of the Paul O’Brien Dance School.

The afternoon starts at 1:30pm with a free cuppa and a piece of cake. The dancing class starts at 2:00pm and finishes at 3:30pm. There’s plenty of parking available nearby. And if your ageing loved one or friend enjoys a tipple, the bar should be open for a refreshing post-dance drink!

Alton and District Stamp Club

This is a hobby that many ageing adults might have indulged in at some point in their lives – and might still enjoy. It’s a very relaxing and sociable activity. The Alton and District Stamp Club is held in Medstead Village Hall on the second Tuesday of each month (except for August). The club starts at 2:30pm during winter months and 7:45pm in British Summer Time. In December, there’s usually a Christmas meal for members at a local hotel.

Stamp collecting is a therapeutic activity and provides a great opportunity for meeting like-minded people with similar interests. Members are able to buy, sell and trade stamps so that they can add new ones to their collection. The club is very informal and welcomes both beginners and those with established stamp collections.

So, we hope this very varied selection gives you a little idea of some of the many enjoyable options there are throughout East Hampshire for encouraging ageing adults to take part in hobbies, games or other activities. It’s good for older people to be able to get out and mix with others while doing something that’s fun and stimulating.

Contact us now if you’d like to know more about our philosophy of home care at Home Instead East Hampshire and Midhurst, and the ways in which we could help your loved one to have a higher quality of life in their own home.