From Canals to Countryside: 5 Picturesque Walks to Take Around Netherton

Netherton is home to many stunning public landscapes that you can enjoy walking however, where should you look to for the most picturesque walks?

If you are someone who loves countryside walks, then Netherton is one of the best places in the Midlands to visit. Its picturesque landscape makes it perfect for everyone from individuals out for a walk to elderly individuals looking for a fun, slow-paced day out in the open. With so many great places to choose from, though, knowing where to start can be tough. Here, then, are some suggestions on the best walks to take around Netherton. Where should you get started?

Netherton Tunnel

An impressive walking experience, we regularly use the Netherton Tunnel as a way to keep fit and to get older adults out of the house. This is a long trail, though, so be prepared. The views are amazing, though, and you will get to enjoy the stunning view of canals all around you. The lush, open countryside also gives way to some gorgeous Victorian landmarks, so this is a great one for educating the kids and grandkids.


This particular walking trail is widely admired for its stunning scenery and is a popular choice among locals and tourists alike. The walk begins in Oldbury and leads you to Netherton, with Turner’s Hill serving as the primary landmark along the way. Additionally, the trail will take you through the Rowley Hills, which are the highest points in the West Midlands. The rolling hills and views over the Rowley Hills offer a memorable and unique experience.

The Elephant Stone

The Elephant Stone is a popular path to take in the Netherton area. It has highly accessible pathways and walking areas, making it an easy and enjoyable walk. However, it’s recommended for those who still have sure footing. For anyone thinking about trying this walk out, it might be best to come along with a family member or Care Professional to help you stay confident.

St. Peters

If you’re looking for an easy walking experience in the Netherton area, then come to St. Peter’s. This takes you along the Little Comberton loop from Elmley Castle, and you will get to enjoy a nice, relaxing, sedate pace of walking. This is probably the most accessible walk on the list, suitable for all ages and skill levels. If you’re an older individual, it may be more enjoyable if you have someone with you, as you will be walking for several miles. There’s some elevation, but not enough to cause any issues or distractions.

Great Comberton

Great Comberton is an easy-to-take hiking tour for locals, and it’s suitable for all skill levels especially those looking for a good cardio workout. We love this walk as it offers some beautiful views of Elmley Castle, and it can be a great stopping point if the weather permits. If you’re an older individual, it may be wise to bring along a family member or Care Professional to help you stay confident on this walk.

Home Instead makes it easy to come along and try out these walks for yourself. Older individuals and their families should get in touch if they want an easy way to visit and explore these tremendous venues. Contact us today for advice on the best ways to experience the rural landscape of Netherton in all its glory.