Supporting Family Caregivers with Care in Chesterfield

Discover how Home Instead Chesterfield supports family caregivers with empathetic, skilled care professionals. Experience our 10/10 rated service.

When we talk about care, we often focus on the individuals receiving it, but behind every older adult we support, there is an entire family, sometimes a dedicated family caregiver, providing love and attention every other hour of the day. At Home Instead Chesterfield, we understand the emotional and physical toll this dedication can take, and we’re here to help lighten that load.

Caring for a loved one can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be challenging, especially when distances are involved or when the loved one requires specialised attention, such as in cases of living with dementia. Our Care Professionals are able to step in on a regular basis or for respite, offering reassurance to family members that their relatives are in the safest of hands.

Respite care in Chesterfield

One son of a client, whose touching review on highlighted our 10/10 average rating, put it quite succinctly:

Because I’m not living close by, I rely on Home Instead stepping in for every single issue that might arise. This is key for me, and therefore, good communication is an absolute priority for me. They are exemplary in this regard and for this, I’m very grateful. Well done and keep up the good work!”

Our Care Professionals are not just fulfilling tasks; they are passionate individuals committed to delivering exceptional care. They approach each situation with skill, responding to any new issues tactfully and updating care plans to better meet the needs of older adults we care for and their families.

The experience shared by a spouse of our client who is living with dementia, delves deep into the heart of what we do: “I chose Home Instead on a personal recommendation two years ago. I recognised my need for respite and wanted to accustom us to having carers in our home because I knew that the need for more care would become essential.”

“As the dementia has progressed, the managers of the service and the Care Professionals have supported us throughout, listening and responding to our needs, offering much-needed guidance and empathy.”

Our support is about more than routine care; it’s about being part of a larger team. As the spouse of our client explains, “It takes a team to care for someone with dementia and Home Instead, in collaboration with community-based medical professionals, are an integral part of our team.”

Having a dependable partner like Home Instead can provide the confidence and support to manage complex needs. Our aim is to give family caregivers the peace of mind to take a break, safe in the knowledge that their loved ones are in good hands. A break from caregiving responsibilities is crucial for maintaining the wellbeing of family caregivers and ensures they have the energy to continue their vital role in their loved one’s life.

“After my dad was discharged from hospital after an acute delirium we contacted Home Instead (Chesterfield) to help support my mum as he was less able to look after himself for a few weeks. Stephanie and Clare understood the situation completely and the carers treated both my dad and mum with respect and kindness. It was a huge relief to me and my siblings as we do not all live nearby.” 5 Star Google Review

Dementia care for my Dad

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If you are a family caregiver in Chesterfield, Dronfield or the local area, do reach out to contact us. Allow our team at Home Instead to share the caring responsibilities with you, with regular visits from one of our Care Professionals, or a Live-in Care Professional, all supported by our local expert office team. Learn more about our outstanding home care services at Home Instead Chesterfield by calling us on 01246 580187.