Fit and Fun: Creative Ways to Exercise with Older Adults in Staveley

Get inspired by creative ways to exercise with older adults in Staveley. Our guide covers fun and engaging activities to keep older adults active and healthy. Discover how Home Instead home care services can help your loved ones enjoy a fulfilling and independent lifestyle.

Staying active is essential for older adults, and Staveley offers a diverse range of activities to keep older adults engaged and healthy. In this blog, we explore five creative ways for older adults to exercise and have fun in Staveley, providing a blend of physical, social, and mental stimulation.

Angling in Poolsbrook Country Park

Fishing is a relaxing and enjoyable activity for people of all ages. Poolsbrook Country Park offers public angling facilities stocked with a variety of coarse fish, such as carp, roach, and bream. The park is managed by clubs that handle membership matters and sell day tickets for those who want a casual fishing experience. Blue badge holders can take advantage of accessible parking, making it easy for older adults to enjoy this peaceful pastime. Poolsbrook Country Park also features a scenic walk around the lake, a children’s play area, and a café for a pleasant day out.

Volunteering at Hollingwood Hub (part of the Chesterfield Canal Trust)

Volunteering is a rewarding way for older adults to stay active and contribute to their community. The Chesterfield Canal Trust, based at Hollingwood Hub, offers a range of opportunities for older adults to get involved in community gardening, boat maintenance, or working in the Information Centre and Shop. Run entirely by volunteers, the Trust aims to restore and maintain the beautiful Chesterfield Canal. Visit their  website to learn more about how you can participate and make a difference.

Healthy Living Centre

For a more structured approach to fitness, the Healthy Living Centre offers a range of classes and activities designed specifically for older adults. The leisure centre features a 25-metre swimming pool, a spa complete with a sauna, an aromatherapy room, and hammam heated beds. With opening hours catering to various schedules, older adults can easily find a time that suits them. Whether it’s swimming, attending a fitness class, or simply enjoying the relaxing spa facilities, the Healthy Living Centre provides a comprehensive approach to staying fit and healthy in Staveley.

Staveley Welfare Sports and Social Club

The Staveley Welfare Sports and Social Club is a welcoming and homely venue, providing a comfortable space for older adults to socialise and stay active. You can watch cricket matches, enjoy a pint, or attend events such as auctions and live music performances. With plenty of indoor tables and seating, this friendly club is the perfect place for older adults to unwind and connect with others in the community.

Colin Deaton Table Tennis Academy

Table tennis is a fantastic low-impact sport that promotes coordination, mental alertness, and social interaction. The  Colin Deaton Table Tennis Academy, based at Springwell Community College Sports Centre, welcomes players of all levels. Originally Staveley Table Tennis Club, the academy has evolved to offer an engaging and supportive environment for table tennis enthusiasts. Visit their website to learn more about the academy’s history and opportunities for older adults to participate.

Staveley has much to offer for older adults looking to stay active and engaged. From peaceful fishing spots to table tennis and leisure centres, there’s something for everyone. So why not explore these options and discover new ways to stay fit and have fun in Staveley?

At Home Instead, we understand the importance of staying active and engaged as we age. Our Care Professionals can provide companionship and support to help older adults stay active and enjoy all that Staveley has to offer. Contact us to learn more about our home care services in Staveley and in the wider Chesterfield area and know how we can help your loved ones live their best life.