Understanding Your Care Choices in Chesterfield: Live-in Care vs Care Homes

Explore the differences between live-in care and care homes in Chesterfield with Home Instead, your local provider of compassionate home care services.

Choosing between Live-in care or a care home

When it comes to choosing care for ourselves or our loved ones as we grow older, the decision isn’t always straightforward. In Chesterfield andthe surrounding area, with over 50 care homes to consider, it might seem like the default choice or the only option. However, live-in care is an alternative that often goes unexplored despite its many benefits. Often it is a workable solution which has not been discussed. However, starting with an informal conversation with new clients and families can bring to light how this can work for them.

Today, let’s delve into the differences between live-in care and traditional care homes, and how Home Instead Chesterfield stands out in providing exceptional home care.

Live-in care advantages

Care homes are residential facilities providing a space for older adults to live with access to around-the-clock care. The approach is communal, with many residents living together and sharing facilities. Care homes offer the reassurance of constant availability of support, which can be crucial for those with significant care needs.

Live-in care, on the other hand, brings a dedicated Care Professional to live with you, in your home. This unique option maintains your independence by allowing individuals to remain in the familiarity and comfort of their own surroundings at home and in the local community.  Meanwhile, those little things that turn a house into a home, like keeping pets or keeping your own established routines, can continue uninterrupted with live-in care. 

It’s a particularly advantageous care choice for couples, who can receive tailored support without having to live apart, and for partners requiring support or respite from the caregiving role they have acquired. For those couples where both partners have care needs – a Live-in Care Professional supported by our local office care team can provide invaluable support.

A Live-in care plan

Live-in care with local expertise

At Home Instead Chesterfield, our live-in care services differ from what you might expect from a private carer. Each Live-in Care Professional is a passionate and skilled individual, committed to delivering high-quality, personalised care, supported by training and expertise of our local team. 

Our local office is owned and managed by Stephanie and Nigel, and our local care team can ensure that all care plans are not only tailored to each individual’s needs, but also monitored and adapted as required. We continually check in on our Live-in Care Professional and our client. We also manage all the administration, and ensure continuity of care for example over holidays.

Our approach at Home Instead Chesterfield is informed by over a decade of experience in providing local home care, resulting in being recognised by excellent review scores and as a Top 20 home care provider in the East Midlands by homecare.co.uk. As such, we know the importance of being a part of the community. We’ve established relationships with local families, with local healthcare professionals, ensuring your care extends into the broader Chesterfield support network. Our team also plays a vital role as an extended family’s “eyes and ears,” supporting both clients and families if needs and situations evolve or change.

A Live-in care plan

What does this look like on a day-to-day basis? Our Live-in care can be tailored, it can be designed to meet the personal needs of each of our clients. We begin with a care consultation, which will usually be in your own home, and often with Stephanie and Nicole. We’ll take the time to understand your care needs, your routines, your hobbies and personal interests. 

Our Live-in Care Professionals can provide one-to-one support, and assist with everything from personal care to light housekeeping,  meal preparation, and maintaining routines.. They can be on-hand to manage medication or to facilitate transportation to appointments, all with the aim of maintaining health and wellbeing within your own homes.

Live-in care advantages

Find out more about live-in care options with local expertise

If you’re considering care options in Chesterfield, Dronfield and the surrounding area and want a solution that values your independence, comfort, and individual needs, live-in care with Home Instead may be the perfect fit. 

Making the choice between live-in care and a care home, may require a more in depth conversation, and our team is very happy to talk through your options with you. Understanding the benefits of both care options can greatly aid in the decision-making process. 

To discuss your unique needs and to learn about how we could support your care and companionship needs in your own home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Send us an enquiry on our online form or call us on 01246 580187.