World Diabetes Day 2019

World Diabetes Day

Today is about raising awareness of Diabetes. You will find some useful information below about what diabetes is and what causes it.

What is diabetes?

You will find there are two main types of Diabetes. These are called Type 1 and Type 2, they are different conditions, but both just as serious. Diabetes is where your blood glucose level is too high and your body is unable to produce insulin to allow the glucose into your cells.

What causes diabetes?

We all need some glucose as it gives us energy, however the one thing that all types of diabetes have in common is that they cause too much glucose in our blood. Along with glucose we all need a hormone called insulin which is made by our pancreas. This is because the insulin allows the glucose in our blood to enter our cells which in turn fuels our bodies. If you have diabetes, your body doesn’t produce enough insulin to allow that glucose to enter your cells.

Type 1 and Type 2, what is the difference?

With Type 1 diabetes, you can’t make any insulin at all and If you have Type 2 diabetes, it is slightly different. The insulin your body makes either can’t work effectively, or you can’t produce enough of it.

With any type of diabetes, because the glucose can’t get into the cells it will build up in your blood and cause many different problems.

Learn more by visiting the diabetes organisation, click here.