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Home Instead Cheltenham & Cotswolds Specialised Dementia / Alzheimer's Home Care Services

At Home Instead Cheltenham, we cover all of the local area and fully understand the distinct challenges that come with living with Dementia / Alzheimer's.

At Home Instead Cheltenham & Cotswolds we understand the unique challenges posed by Dementia / Alzheimer’s, impacting individuals living with these conditions and their families. Consequently, our specialised home care services are designed with empathy and expertise to improve our client’s quality of life and reassure their families.

Benefits of a Familiar Environment

Our care services help those with Dementia / Alzheimer’s stay in their own homes, surrounded by familiar objects and memories, alleviating confusion and anxiety.

Personalised Care Plans

We offer bespoke care tailored to each individual’s specific stage and needs in their journey with Dementia / Alzheimer’s. Our professional care team is also skilled in memory support, cognitive exercises, and managing behaviour as well.

Consistent and Reliable Care

We emphasise the importance of familiar caregivers to build trust and establish a comforting routine for our clients.

Family Involvement

Furthermore, we encourage family participation in the care process and work closely with them to ensure the care plan aligns with their preferences – keeping them informed about their loved one’s progress.

Holistic Support

Our home care extends beyond physical needs, focusing also on emotional and social support, stimulating cognitive functions and social interaction.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We provide an affordable alternative to residential care homes, with flexible care plans that can be adjusted according to your individual needs.

Personal Care

Our care professionals assist with daily activities like bathing, dressing, and grooming.

Companion Care

We provide companionship, conversation, and support for social activities and appointments.

Memory Care

Tailored support for memory loss and cognitive decline.

Medication Management

It is ensuring accurate and timely medication assistance.

Nutritional Support

Meal planning and preparation focused on dietary needs specific to Dementia / Alzheimer’s.

Respite Care

We are offering temporary relief for your family caregivers.

Understanding Alzheimer’s / Dementia Home Care

This specialised support service enables individuals to live safely in their homes, including personal care, medication reminders, companionship, and activities designed to assist with memory and cognitive functions.

Benefits for Alzheimer’s / Dementia Clients

Staying in a familiar setting reduces confusion and anxiety, while personalised care meets the individual’s unique needs and disease stage.

Our Professional Caregivers’ Training

Our professional caregivers undergo extensive training in Dementia / Alzheimer’s care, covering disease understanding, communication techniques, behavioural management, and emergency response, to name just a few.

Customisable Home Care Services

Our care plans are highly adaptable and tailored to your specific needs, preferences, and condition stage.

Supporting Family Members

We alleviate the continuous caregiving burden from family members, allowing them to stay involved in their loved one’s care and providing them peace of mind.

Included Activities

Activities include cognitive exercises, memory aids, social engagement, light physical activities, and hobbies or interests – all adapted to your abilities and disease stage.

Ensuring Safety in Home Care

Our caregivers implement safety measures, provide necessary supervision, and are trained to handle emergencies for Alzheimer’s / Dementia clients.

Availability of Extended Care Services

We can offer you options like live-in and 24-hour care for continuous support if these are required.

About Home Instead Cheltenham & Cotswolds

We are founded on empathy, expertise, and a strong commitment. As a result, our team, trained through our City & Guilds Certified Dementia / Alzheimer’s care program, is dedicated to positively impacting those affected by these conditions and fully understands how to care for people with this disease correctly.

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Every Dementia / Alzheimer’s journey is unique, and so is our approach to care. Reach out to Home Instead Cheltenham & Cotswolds to learn more about our services and how we can support you and your loved one.

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