The 5 Love Languages at work!

The 5 Love Languages at work.

With Valentine’s Day creeping up on us, have you had an enthusiastic partner ever ask you about your “love language”?

Do you know what matters more to you – Hugs & kisses, chocolates or maybe someone washing up after a romantic meal together? We want to ask you the same question, but as your employer (In a totally HR-friendly way!) what matters the most to you and how you feel most appreciated by us.

To be able to answer the question on how you like to feel appreciated, you first need to learn what the work version of the 5 love languages are by Gary Chapman.

Words of Affirmation
 - the communication of positive personal sentiments.
Workplace example: Verbal recognition and written compliments.
Acts of Service
 - the expressive actions that require planning and effort.
Workplace example: Offering help to a co-worker with their workload, clearing the lunch table and special perks.

Quality Time
 - being with someone and giving them your undivided attention.
Workplace example: Team building activities, group lunches and volunteering together.

Physical Touch
 - an appropriate touch perceived as appreciation.
Workplace example: High fives, handshakes and fist bumps (remember to ask first!)

Receiving Gifts
 - something tangible that serves as a symbol of caring.
Workplace example: Gift cards, bonuses and coffee.

This work version shows how we can appreciate, encourage and build healthier relationships between our CAREGivers and office staff.

We would love to know which two love languages matter the most to you! Everyone perceives and receives in different ways, which is why it is important for us to get to know you better and build our relationships stronger.

Comment on our social media posts linked to this article or contact Olivia on 01242 513203 [email protected] and let us know which two love languages suit you best!