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Tracking down old friends can be tough. It can even be quite scary. However, Locate an old friend day is all about reconnecting with friends from long years past. This day is about reintroducing former relations into your life, and catching up with them on what’s happening in your life now, or just to talk about past events in nostalgia. This day is also about how to teach you to reconnect with your old friends and curving the awkward stage of conversation.

History of Locate an Old Friend Day

Gathering details, using search tools, having family and friends help: these are just some of the ways that you can find friends. This can be done on any day, but Locate an Old Friend Day is a day specifically dedicated towards motivating people to find old friends and see how they’ve been. One thing is for certain though; the way that we connect with people has changed drastically. From phonebooks, to email, all the way to social media, the tools we used to contact one another have changed overtime. However, in this modern society, it’s much easier to contact old friends then ever before.

How to celebrate Locate an Old Friend Day

What’s important about this day is that when you’re reconnecting with your old friend, it can take a lot of twists and turns to be able to find that connection with them again. The best thing to do is start off by listening to them, learning about what they’ve done with their lives, and offering support when they need it. 

Life is different for each and every one of us and it is so easy for two friends to drift apart as life takes them on completely different journeys. Moving locations and changing jobs may mean you haven’t been able to keep in touch or see as many people as you would like.

Don’t be offended if you do find an old friend and don’t stay in touch with them as often as you had hoped once being re-acquainted. Life can be busy, and you may not fully know what is happening in their personal lives. If in any case they don’t want to talk, then let the old friendship go, and treasure it as a memory in your life and understand that like everyone does eventually, we all go our separate ways.

How do I find my friend? I hear you cry! Check out our ideas below, we hope they help:

Facebook is a fantastic tool to search for a friend and you can easily get in touch by sending them a friend request. – You just need to remember their name! If you can remember a first name and their last known location you may still be able to find them and spot them in their profile picture in the search list.

Try getting in touch with any of your friends who also knew the person you are searching for, chat to them and ask them questions about when they may have last seen the person or even spoken to them. Result if they know their last email address or telephone number! Any information may help in your search.

Have you tried searching for them on google image search? If you type their name in it may come up with a news clipping or recent social media post!

Try a few websites dedicated to helping you search:
· http://www.myoldmate.net/

· https://home.bt.com/tech-gadgets/internet/websites/looking-to-find-an-old-school-friend-or-a-long-lost-relative-the-internet-could-be-the-key-11364005105583

· https://friendsreconnected.co.uk/

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