Healthcare Foodservice Workers Week

If you have spent time in hospital, you may have wondered who it was that cooked and prepared your food for you. Healthcare Foodservice workers are mainly tucked away behind the scenes, but have been providing nourishment for patients and staff for generations.

This week is about appreciating and celebrating the daily work they put in!

We are also taking this opportunity to appreciate our lovely CAREGivers that go above and beyond every day when cooking for our Clients. They cook different dishes and make them look absolutely scrumptious. You can see the pictures on our Facebook page!

Some of our CAREGivers have become Food Champions and passed on their culinary skills to others! If you would like to know when the next workshop is, give us a call in the office - 01242 513203.

Nutrition is extremely important, especially for older people. Involving them in the preparation of their meals is a good way of teaching them new skills, whilst also making them feel more independent.

Have you seen the new invention that has recently launched? Edible water! They look like sweets and are a great way to keep hydrated. It will be extremely useful for those with memory problems as someone who lives with dementia can easily forget to drink enough water.

We also have some new delicious, quick and easy recipes for you to try! Click here to check them out and Let us know how you get on with making them!
If you meet someone who works within the Healthcare Foodservice, pass on your thanks for the hard work they do. It is always nice to feel appreciated.

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