Do you know when you're feeling stressed?

"I'm not stressed" How do you know when you are?

Remember that you are number 1! And looking after yourself properly, should be your main priority.

Find a list of symptoms for physical and emotional stress below.

Physical signs of stress:

Disturbed sleep

Back, shoulder or neck pain, muscle tension


Stomach and digestive problems

Weight gain or loss

Loss of hair


High blood pressure, irregular heart beat, palpitations

Chest pain


Skin disorders: Hives, eczema, psoriasis, tics, itching

Periodontal disease, jaw pain

Reproductive problems or infertility

Weakened immune system suppression

Sexual dysfunction or lack of libido

Emotional signs of stress:



Moodiness or mood swings

Butterflies in your stomach

Increased irritability

Memory problems

Feeling out of control

Increased substance abuse


Being more argumentative

Feeling isolated

Job dissatisfaction

For 16 ways to relieve stress,
there is a fantastic blog you can read - Click here.  

Not only do we support our staff with on-going training and support, there is also a 24 hour anonymous helpline available called the Employee Assistance Programme. This is free advice and support to help our staff with a variety of issues such as:

- Bereavement

- Family, relationship or childcare

- Debt

- Work-life balance

- Stress, anxiety and depression

- Psychological and emotional issues

- and many more.

We recognise that it is important to remember that sometimes the most helpful people need a bit of support too!