Cake Day!

Today we are celebrating the wonderful and delicious variety of cakes that are available in the world.

The History of Cake Day

The history of cake dates back to ancient times, and the first cakes are thought to have been made in Ancient Greece and Egypt. These first cakes were rather heavy and flat and were eaten at the end of a meal with nuts and honey.

Nowadays, this type of cake has evolved into baklava, a traditional Greek dessert and a must-try for any fan of sweet stickiness. In later years the ancient Romans also created their own version of this sweet treat, which was rather creamy and rich.

However, like in many cultures around the world, this cake was often reserved for the gods and was offered to them at their temples as a sign of respect, love, and reverence. The Oxford English Dictionary traces the English word cake back to the 13th century. During the Great Depression, it was necessary to provide easy, relatively cheap food to millions of Americans who were living in poverty, and the boxed cake mix was born. The idea turned out to be pure gold, as millions of housewives all over the United States took advantage of this way to make their lives easier.

How to celebrate Cake Day
Of course, the best way to celebrate Cake Day is by eating cake with family and friends. You can buy a number of different types of cakes to celebrate the event, or have fun making your own cakes mark the occasion. There are many different kinds of cake to choose from. Yeast cakes are one of the oldest types and are pretty similar to bread in texture, due to the yeast content.

There are many different types of cheesecake, from the rich and creamy New York style cheesecakes baked in a graham cracker crust and drowned in cherry syrup, to the healthier varieties made from cottage cheese and filled with orange and lemon peel and raisins that are lower in calories and fat and higher in protein.

Sponge cakes rely on the air trapped inside them during baking for their light texture, and are famously paired with rich butter or cream cheese-based icings for balance; however, these icings tend to be a bit complicated to make and are easily ruined, so if you are a novice baker, perhaps go for something a bit simpler.

So pick a type of cake that suits you and you family’s or friends’ needs the best and start baking! The experience will be both fun and educational.

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