Enriching Lives through Local Activities with our Care Professionals

Discover how Home Instead Burton-upon-Trent enriches lives through local activities, home care and community engagement.

As our loved ones grow older, the importance of staying active and connected with their local community takes on greater significance.

At Home Instead Burton-upon-Trent, our dedicated team of Care Professionals, where appropriate, will make this a fundamental part of their mission – delivering exceptional care to older adults through engaging local activities.

A day with our Care Professionals can include a leisurely visit to one of our beautiful local parks. These outings not only allow our clients to enjoy the calm of nature but many with pathed pathways offer an accessible activity for those with limited mobility. The pleasure of feeding ducks or watching squirrels scurry about creates shared moments that are uplifting for both our clients and our Care Professionals.

Sometimes, a visit to local shops could be on the agenda. Our Care Professionals happily accompany clients, offering a supportive hand during the shopping experience. Whether it’s browsing knick-knacks or picking up weekly groceries, these seemingly simple tasks become enjoyable activities that enhance everyday life.

Regularly on our schedule at Home Instead Burton is our “Seated Exercises” at Stanton Village Hall every Friday. These sessions, which run from 11 am to 12 pm, are carefully designed to promote physical health and flexibility, as well as contributing to a sense of wellbeing. It’s a rewarding hour, not just for the activity, but for the camaraderie between our clients, Care Professionals and the friendly faces they meet each week.

Seated exercises

It’s not all about physical activities. For those who enjoy music, our monthly singing session held at the Stretton Priory Centre every first Thursday of the month from 11 am to 12pm, makes a delightful day out. The joy that is sparked from a shared love of a song is wonderful to see, not to mention the comfort of sharing a warm cuppa and a chat in good company.

We can’t talk about local activities without mentioning our Wood Street Day Care Centre. Here, a full day of activities is offered in the local community, from arts and crafts to bingo, there’s always something to enjoy. The centre is a bustling hive of social interaction, offering opportunities to create new friendships and wonderful memories, with support for those with dementia and other specialist needs.

At Home Instead Burton-upon-Trent, we understand that every day is an opportunity to add some sparkle to our lives. Whether it’s through a walk in the park, a shopping jaunt, a seated exercise class, a singing session or a day at the care centre, each outing has moments to bring warmth, support, and joy.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can enhance the life of your loved ones. We’re not just here to provide care, we’re here to help create fulfilling, enjoyable lives for the older adults that have placed their trust in us. 

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Enriching Lives Through Local Activities