Celebrating Our Exceptional Care Professionals: Spotlight on Tammy

Join us in celebrating Tammy, our Burton-upon-Trent Care Professional of the month, embodying exceptional care and kindness.

Care Professional of the month

At Home Instead in Burton-upon-Trent, we’re surrounded by extraordinary individuals who show us the essence of care every single day. Our Care Professionals are not just staff; they’re compassionate people who become part of the families they assist. Amongst these stars, one shines exceptionally bright this month – Tammy.

Tammy has recently been awarded our Care Professional of the month for Burton upon Trent

We love to appreciate our Care Professionals and this doesn’t just reflect dedication to the role; it’s an acknowledgement of what a remarkable impact our team makes. Tammy’s recent support of a client during their final days exemplifies what makes her, and indeed all our Care Professionals, so special.

Celebrating our exceptional care professional Tammy

The skill of our Care Professionals lies not only in their training and experience to support health and wellbeing, it’s also in their capacity to bring warmth and comfort when it’s needed most. Tammy’s presence brought kindness and care for a family and our client in recent times. As the client’s health deteriorated, she offered unwavering support. The glowing report we received and the gratitude expressed by the family, shows how Tammy brought a positive influence to benefit our client and his loved ones during such a delicate time. It’s heartwarming to know that the connections our Care Professionals make and their commitment makes such a difference, and it is also something we are also honoured to do, as Tammy says “It really was a pleasure to care for him. A true gentleman.”

Celebrating the accomplishments of our team is about recognising the human touch that they bring to care. It’s about understanding that professionalism and compassion go hand in hand in delivering exceptional care at home services. We are delighted to have such a wonderful team here at Home Instead Burton upon Trent.

Today, we celebrate Tammy, as well as each member of our local team. It's their skill, compassion, dedication and commitment that make the difference every day in our local community.

FAQ: What skills are essential for a Care Professional visiting older adults at home?

A: To be a successful Care Professional at Home Instead, you need a combination of both soft and practical skills, and we always provide award-winning training. Here are 5 essential skills:

  • Compassion and empathy: Understanding and showing genuine care
  • Communication skills: The ability to listen and communicate clearly with clients and their families.
  • Patience and flexibility: Being patient and adaptable to changing needs and situations.
  • Practical care skills: Providing personal care when required, with dignity and respect, such as bathing, dressing, and mobility assistance.
  • Time management: Being organised and on time, to ensure all care needs are met in a timely manner.

Our Care Professionals provide high-quality, compassionate care to older adults, enhancing well-being and quality of life at home. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact us at Home Instead Burton. Learn more about our home care services by calling us on 01283 539917 or for job opportunities apply online at our website.