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If your loved one needs overnight care in Bromley, get in touch for compassionate support and assistance throughout the night.

What is Overnight Care?

Overnight care is all about being there for your loved ones when they need a little extra help at night. Whether it’s assisting with bathroom trips, giving medication reminders, or just offering some comforting company, our Care Professionals are ready to make sure everything goes smoothly.

This service is great for those who might feel a bit anxious or confused during the night, or for families who need some rest knowing their loved ones are in good hands. With overnight care, you can relax and sleep soundly, knowing that friendly and compassionate help is always there.

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What overnight care services are included in Bromley?

Overnight care services cover a range of support to keep your loved ones safe and comfortable all night long.

From assisting with bathroom trips, helping with nighttime routines and repositioning to help your loved one feel comfortable in bed, to providing reassurance and keeping an eye out for any issues, our Care Professionals are trained to look after your loved one, no matter the time of night.

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Benefits of using overnight care

Using overnight care in Bromley comes with lots of great benefits for both you and your loved ones. It means someone is always there to help during the night, giving families peace of mind knowing there’s a professional on hand for any needs or emergencies.

It can help reduce nighttime anxiety and confusion, making your loved ones feel safe and secure. Plus, overnight care includes help with personal hygiene, medication reminders, and moving around comfortably. With a friendly, caring presence throughout the night, you can relax knowing your loved ones are well taken care of.

When is overnight care necessary?

Overnight care is necessary when your loved ones need extra support and attention during the night. This could be due to health conditions that need regular monitoring or assistance, like dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other chronic illnesses.

It’s also helpful for those who might feel anxious, confused, or unsafe alone at night. If your loved one has trouble moving around, needs help with bathroom trips, or needs medication reminders during the night, our overnight Care Professionals can provide this specialist support. Additionally, if you as a caregiver need a break to get a good night’s sleep, overnight care ensures your loved one is in good hands while you rest.

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Arranging overnight care in Bromley

Getting the help your loved one needs can be challenging, but arranging overnight care in Bromley is easy with our friendly team of advisors.

If you want more information or to speak to us about the support we could provide for your loved one, get in touch with our compassionate team who can offer advice.

No. matter your concern, our team can help and listen to your needs.

Call your local Bromley overnight care service on 020 8658 2535 or contact your nearest office across Bromley, Chislehurst and Orpington:

76 Croydon Road,
Coney Hall Village,
West Wickham,

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Overnight Care Bromley: FAQs

Read through our frequently asked questions for more information and reassurance about our overnight care service:

How much do overnight carers cost?

The cost of overnight care can vary depending on how much care your loved one needs throughout the night.

Support is typically split into three different options: Waking Night, Sleeping Night and Overnight Sitting. Waking Night is the most expensive service, ranging between £120 and £250 a night, due to the level of care required throughout the night, requiring one of our Care Professionals to stay awake the whole night to help your loved one. Sleeping Night care is typically cheaper, anywhere between £100 and £130 a night, as our team are only needed a few times to assist your loved one when they wake for things like medication or toilet trips.

What time do carers come at night?
Our Care Professionals can come at a time that suits you and your loved one, but typically, overnight care starts between 8pm-9pm and lasts throughout the night until morning.

What is short-term break respite care?

Short-term respite care is a service to support caregivers when they are feeling overwhelmed and need help looking after their loved one for a short period of time. It can help caregivers get the rest they need whilst knowing their family is being cared for by Care Professionals.