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Discover compassionate dementia care services in Bromley tailored to your loved
one's needs. Find support, resources, and expert guidance

Dementia Care in Bromley

Navigating dementia care can be overwhelming, leaving you feeling uncertain about where to seek
support. At Home Instead, we understand the complexities and emotions involved. We’re dedicated to
listening to, and assisting, concerned families in the UK, making us a trusted resource you can rely on.
No matter the challenges you’re facing—whether it’s feeling stressed, hopeless, or unsure about the
next steps—we have experience in guiding individuals through similar situations. You’re not alone; we’re
here to provide compassionate care and practical solutions tailored to your loved one’s dementia care
needs in Bromley.

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The advantages of dementia care

We know that caring for someone and communicating with a loved one living with dementia can be
physically and mentally challenging. That’s why seeking help from professionals to care for your loved
one can alleviate some of the stress, giving you time and energy to look after yourself. There are many
advantages of dementia care at home, including:

• Specialised Expertise: Dementia care providers are trained and experienced in managing the
unique challenges associated with dementia, including memory loss, behavioural changes, and
communication difficulties. Our care team understand the specific needs of individuals with
dementia and can provide the right type of support that’s needed.

• Personalised Care Plans: Dementia care is tailored to your loved one’s needs and preferences.
Care plans are developed based on the stage of dementia, personal interests, and abilities,
ensuring that the care provided at home is effective and meaningful.

• Maintaining Independence: Dementia care promotes independence and enhances your loved
one’s quality of life. Our caregivers encourage individuals with dementia to participate in
activities that are enjoyable and stimulating to give them a sense of purpose and dignity.

• Safety and Security: Our team of care professional prioritise safety by creating a secure environment and
are trained to handle challenging behaviours and emergencies effectively.

• Emotional Support: We offer emotional support, not only to individuals with dementia, but also
to families. Our care professionals understand the emotional impact of dementia and provide guidance,
empathy, and reassurance.

Respite for Family Carers: Our dementia care services provide respite for family caregivers
who need a break from their caregiving responsibilities. This allows you to rest and recharge,
knowing that your loved one is receiving the care they need in the comfort of their own home.

Arranging dementia care in Bromley

You can arrange dementia care for your loved one and receive the support your family needs. We
understand it can be a hard decision to make and one that can be overwhelming, but we’re here to

Our dementia advice workshops offer free advice and support to the local community and may
also be a useful resource for you if you’re looking at arranging home dementia care for your loved one.

For more information or a friendly chat, come and see us at our Bromley office and talk to our
professional team or alternatively you can speak to one of our team members and call us on: 020 8658 2535.

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Dementia Care Frequently Ask Questions

From understanding when to arrange dementia care for your loved one to learning how to pay for their care, our FAQs provide valuable guidance and advice.

When to consider home care for those suffering with dementia

Deciding when a dementia patient should receive home care can be a challenging and deeply personal
decision, often depending on your loved one’s unique requirements and circumstances. Key
considerations include the safety of the person with dementia at home, assessing if they need constant
supervision to prevent accidents or wandering, and evaluating whether their current living situation
supports a good quality of life.

Caregiver burnout is another critical factor to think about when considering home care for a loved one
with dementia. As caregivers may face exhaustion or stress from providing the necessary level of care,
additional support through home care services can alleviate this stress, provide relief, and ensure that
the person with dementia receives the care they need.

Is there free care for dementia patients?

Most care services typically involve costs, so it may not be easy finding entirely free care for dementia
patients. However, there are certain resources that may help offset or reduce the financial challenges
associated with dementia care, for example:
NHS Continuing Healthcare
Local Authority Care Funding
• Self-Funding Care
Help with costs for dementia patients varies across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland so be
sure to research the support that may be available to you in your country.

What is the role of our Bromley dementia carers?

Our dementia care professionals in Bromley play a crucial role in supporting your loved one’s living with dementia
by providing essential care and assistance. They help with personal tasks like bathing, dressing and ensuring comfort and dignity. Our care professionals can also manage medications, making sure
prescribed medicines are given correctly.

Beyond practical care, our dementia care professionals offer emotional support through companionship and
meaningful relationships, supporting the emotional needs of those they care for.

Our team prioritises safety by monitoring your loved one, especially those prone to wandering, to prevent accidents. We also prepare meals based on dietary preferences and encourage individuals to join in with activities to stimulate memory and maintain their overall wellbeing.