The Best Cafes in Bedford

Whether you're looking for a great cup of coffee, a delicious breakfast or lunch, or just a place to relax and watch the world go by, Bedford has some great cafes to choose fr

Here are our top picks for the best coffee shops & cafes in Bedford.

The Longholme Cafe

The Longholme Cafe is the place to go for coffee lovers! It’s located over the butterfly bridge, on The Embankment in Bedford. It offers free parking for up to 2 hours.

The cafe is in a lovely setting overlooking the river, and it is known for its excellent coffee. The beans are ground to order and are always of the highest quality. The baristas at The Longholme Cafe are highly trained and take pride in guaranteeing that all coffee is perfect.

In addition to great coffee, the cafe also offers a selection of breakfast and lunch options and loose leaf teas.

The Mill Yard Coffee Lounge

The Mill Yard Coffee Lounge is one of the best cafes in Bedford for coffee, breakfast, or lunch. They serve Illy coffee, which is a top-quality coffee bean. The coffee is made fresh and there are a variety of flavours to choose from.

The cafe also has a wide selection of homemade cakes and scones, which are all made from scratch using local ingredients. The meals are healthy and delicious, and the favourite specials are always a hit with customers.

Coffee With Art

Coffee With Art is located on the High Street and is quite a modern coffee shop in Bedford!

It is an independent coffee shop with direct trade coffee. They have a wide range of light snacks, cakes & beverages on the menu. Plus, they have gluten-free options! The coffee shop is incredibly warm and inviting. Making it a great place to relax and enjoy a good book or chat with friends, all while looking at artwork from local artists.

Papillon Coffee House

Papillon Coffee House is a beautiful place to grab a cup of coffee. They have a wide range of light snacks, handmade cakes, pastries & beverages. Plus, they have great healthy options!

The coffee shop is also a great place to relax and enjoy a good book or chat with friends, and parking can be found outside.

La Piazza

La Piazza is one of the best cafes in Bedford. Its friendly atmosphere is generated by a community of people where everyone is friendly and everyone knows everyone. The small, family-run market café serves hot fresh street food and Italian delights.

The coffee is made fresh and inexpensive. The cafe’s food is freshly prepared to order with the option of vegan food. And the staff are very welcoming with a very positive vibe. It is also a dog-friendly atmosphere!

La Piazza is a great place to sit on a sunny day, drink coffee, and take a break from shopping in town.

Bridges Espresso Bar

Bridges Espresso Bar is a modern, independent, family-run Espresso Bar offering quality, locally sourced products and ingredients from across Bedfordshire and the surrounding counties.

Bridges Espresso Bar is passionate about promoting local businesses and the local community, which is why they have a “Local First” policy. According to this guideline, they shall endeavour to use ingredients and vendors from Bedfordshire whenever possible.

Smiling barista with glasses holds a cup of coffee and uses a tablet at a wooden counter in a cozy café. - Home Instead