Live-in Care - Case Study

Many families don’t know that live-in care is an option, or don’t understand its benefits. Here's an example of how it worked for our clients Jim and Betty (names changed).

We provide care for the elderly to help them remain comfortable and independent in their own homes for longer.

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We started with home help visits

We were approached by Jim and Betty’s next of kin in mid 2020, and asked to provide an hour’s care late mornings and at tea times on weekdays.

Jim had mild Lewy bodies dementia, compromising his memory and decision making capability.

Betty was the main concern; she suffered from anorexia, dizziness and poor hearing, and spent much of the day sleeping.

Our role was primarily just to prepare meals for the couple, encourage Betty to eat and to monitor her nutrition, and remind them to take their medication.

Carer preparing meal with Jim and Betty

Then Jim's needs increased

As Jim’s dementia progressed, we added personal care for him into the package. Morning visits were extended, and visits were added at the weekends. Care for Betty remained largely unchanged.

Jim’s needs increased further over the following couple of years, and the package was expanded to three visits per day. Jim started to display confusion and frustration.

We took on management of the couple’s shopping with weekly trips to the local supermarket, and brought them fish and chips from the local chippie as their Friday treat.

Jim as his needs increased

Jim began hallucinating

Jim began getting hallucinations causing him to get agitated, particularly at night, and the couple’s safety became a concern.

Overnight care was considered.

For Betty meanwhile the focus was on encouraging her to get up and exercise, to eat well, and to help her with her personal care as necessary.

Jim started to get hallucinations

Live-in care proves a great success

The couple were persuaded to accept live-in care earlier this year. They have two carers, on a 2-week rotation, one of whom had been part of the couple’s visiting care team prior to live-in.

With the benefit of live-in care, Jim is thriving; he has been getting back into his old hobbies of baking cakes and gardening, and has been on regular outings including the supermarket, the garden centre and our office.

Betty loves having someone in the house for peace of mind, for cooking and for company. Both Jim and Betty are exercising, using props borrowed from our Let’s Move stock.

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