Nutrition for older adults

Many older people face an increased risk of becoming malnourished. We’re on a mission to educate people about nutrition for older people, the signs of malnourishment, the dangers and possible solutions.

Don't overlook the signs and risks of malnutrition

Over many years, we’ve seen the signs and risks of malnutrition which, if you’re not experienced, can be easily overlooked. We hope you find the following advice helpful.

Lack of nourishment isn’t always a result of weight loss. People often don’t realise that anyone of any size can be malnourished. Our nutrition support services include the preparation of meals and encouraging a client to enjoy a healthy, balanced diet. Along with monitoring any changes in health and well-being, this ensures that our clients eat properly. We also provide advice from local Home Instead offices to help families who provide care for their loved ones so that they’re aware of the risks of malnutrition. 

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How can you ensure your loved one eats a balanced diet?

The best way to ensure that someone’s eating a healthy balanced diet is to be there in person during mealtimes. However, we know that although families might be caring for their elderly parents or relatives, they often have very busy schedules and don’t always have the time to do this. 

Our guidance on nutrition will hopefully provide you with some useful advice on how to ensure your loved one stays healthy at home. Our advice is designed to support a healthy and balanced diet for older people. 

elderly nutrition

What support is there for someone needing help with an older person’s nutrition and lifestyle? 

If you’re worried about your loved one and need some help in ensuring that they’re enjoying a healthy balanced diet, look no further! At Home Instead, we can help you to manage by preparing meals and through a range of other support services.

For instance, why not think about using our services to take your elderly relative out for lunch or to help them with their weekly food shop? If they’re unable to leave their home, we can be there at their mealtimes, not only to prepare food but also to check that your loved one is enjoying a well-balanced diet. Our Care Professionals can spend time with your elderly relative or friend, helping to make their mealtimes a positive and enjoyable experience.

Why not book a consultation with us, so we can evaluate your needs and prepare a tailored plan to support your loved one?

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